Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bar Rescue - Ele (Heat Restaurant & Lounge) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Hollywood, Florida to try to rescue Heat Restaurant & Lounge.  The bar is co-owned by Vin and Vanessa, who are husband and wife.  They bought the bar in 2012 and things started to go downhill when they slashed prices, which attracted a bad crowd.  Heat's bartenders also are out of control and they are giving away a ton of free drinks.  They also act more like strippers than bartenders and are dancing for tips.  Vin and Vanessa are supposedly $230,000 in debt and are losing $5,000 a month, so they called on Bar Rescue to help out.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Heat Restaurant & Lounge was renamed to Ele.  The bar seems to have kept a variation of the name and goes by Ele Lounge and Ele Nightclub.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Ele since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar:

There have been no reviews of Ele since the Bar Rescue makeover.

Other News and Links:
  • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in the middle of November 2014.
  • Here are 3 preview videos for the episode from the Spike TV website - Video 1 (Intro), Video 2, Video 3 (Recon).
  • Here is the old Heat Facebook page, which doesn't have any posts.  There is no Ele Facebook page.  There is also no website for the bar.
  • Here are the Facebook pages of Vin (owner), Vanessa (owner), Isabella (bartender), Nini (bartender)
  • Isabella posted on her Facebook page, "Let the count down begin this Sunday catch me on Spike Tv Season 4 Bar Rescue .. you can watch the preview now Please don't judge me it was for TV lmaooo pleading the 5th !!!!"
  • Photo - Instagram
    • She also commented on that post, saying the show "is real but I just acted a little out of control for it to be more interesting"
  • Ele Lounge does have an Instagram page, which is pretty much a bunch of re-posted posters advertising each night at the club.  It makes it seem like they have other people doing promotions for their events at the bar.  There are "We Good Thursday's,"Heat Wave Fridayz", "Simply Sexy Saturdays",  "Champagne Sundays", and Turn Up Tuesday.  There is also an Instagram called Lesbians of Miami that advertises Lez Heat Thursdays at Ele Lounge.
  • Most of the events advertise bottle service and hookahs, so apparently they have hookahs at the bar. 
  • There is a Heartless Entertainment Instagram that does Heat Wave Fridayz.  In that, you will see recent pictures of the bartenders still up to their dancing ways.  Here is a picture(right) of a bartender in the new outfit provided by Bar Rescue grinding for some $1 bills.
  • Ele Lounge is having a watch party tonight at the bar, and the Instagram pages of some of the employees from the show are mentioned in the comments. They also seem happy with the makeover. (Link)
  • Isabella, who was fired on the show, was back working at Ele shortly after the episode.  Here she is with a new Ele Lounge uniform on.

This one was tough to get information on as there were no reviews, and the bar doesn't have any online presence besides an Instagram page.  The bar has somewhat kept the name, and they seem to use both Ele Lounge and Ele Nightclub.  They also seem to be happy with the makeover.

Rooting through the Instagram posters/pictures, it seems like not much has changed besides the name of the bar.  The bartenders still seem to be dancing for more tips while working and Isabella was re-hired.  Also, I doubt Jon Taffer would recommend the names that each of their weekly events have.

UPDATE - Ele Lounge closed in August 2015 - More information on the closure.

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  1. Wow! Maybe they can do comedy

  2. Stupid people. Didn't deserve the help!!!! They will go under soon enough

  3. I will come to the rescue... As long as they are opened minded

  4. All the staff looked like losers omg I knew they would re-hire that b**ch.

  5. Wow the owners don't care about there business at all. They shouldn't never gotten the help from bar rescue. They're bunch of losers! !

  6. Owners step up, you guys act to inmature and obviously have no clue how to run a business. Sale it or you'll go bankrupt SOON.

  7. The manager & the girl with the glasses are the only one that seems to care about the "bar" the rest act like they don't give a f***. That girl Isabella, you're trash..... My advice to the owners : Sell your business to know how to take advantage of that help you got from the show because obviously you are clueless

  8. I cannot think of a better example EVER of Bar Rescue's idiotic "anyone can run a bar with Jon Taffer's help" than in this episode!

    First, it was OBVIOUS this owner wanted a strip club. He probably called it a restaurant/lounge to get around the local city regulations which likely ban strip clubs (most towns have that). Second, how can anyone have a bar where NO ONE knows how to bar-tend? And you can't teach them to be professional bartenders in less than 5 days (it took me a month to learn to be a bad bartender, and six months to be a decent one -- two years later, I was great). Of course they gave away $11,000 in free drinks in 3 days! You have to know what you're doing to SELL that many drinks in twice the time. Third, the owners had to learn how to become professional line cooks? Most people can barely cook, and we're supposed to believe these knuckleheads are gonna knock out 150 plates of food in 3 hours? That was quite possibly the DUMBEST thing I've ever seen on this show! Last, it was also obvious that the only way the new place could survive was if the owners fired every one of those hoochie-mamas and hired a professional floor staff.

    The best thing was the name was actually good, and the interior design was very nice.

    I feel bad for the nice woman who was the GM and her sister married to the perv dude owner. Because after a $250,000 loss after 2 years, that place is toast in less than 6 months. Taffer may think he can teach a terrible owner how to make money. But after he leaves, the banks will still want their money!

  9. Honestly I was embarrassed after watching this episode. Vin has a opportunity of a life time to expand his business to other cities and states. He was just sitting back being " hood " rich. Only good thing I like was he was man enough to ask for help. I recommend that he help his staff through school so they can be better bartenders and cooks. Don't get rid of them just help them to become better. You never know where that can lead a person. Vin and Vanessa have an great opportunity and I hope and pray they make it.

  10. I'm so infatuated with Nini, she is beautiful :D

  11. *looks in crystal ball*
    Well, since they rehired Isabella, I don't see much of a future for them.

    I didn't need a crystal ball to figure THAT out.

  12. It's sad the mother of my child is on this show looking completely ridiculous But I forgot how stupid she was and she pretty much will do anything for a dollar this shit is sad I knew she was dumb but didn't think she would sell her soul for an hour of fame clearly has no class

  13. I wouldn't talk about anyone being dumb if I were you. You had a kid with her. I'd say you were the dumber one...if any of what you said was true in the first place. Keep your zipper up next time.

  14. Vanessa was also smoking hot!

  15. I liked these owners and even most of the staff - which may be a series first. I was rooting for them and was glad to see Jon give them such a good remodel. But even before the credits ended I had the sinking feeling that they weren't going to make it. Keeping Isabella shows that they're just not equipped to run a business.

    Maybe Axel is right that a strip club is what Vin really wants. But in order for that concept to succeed, surely the women need to actually undress?

  16. Yelp reported it closed

  17. Where did you find it m Yelp? I found a craigslist add posted today looking for new employees for every postion.


  19. That's the wrong place they're called ele lounge now

  20. When a name changes, a lot of times Yelp reports it as closed... It is still open

  21. These girls make people of color look bad. I hope an angry, racist LEO saw this and investigates these stereotypes for money laundering.

  22. There's nothing about this place that would attract a classy clientele. It's obviously trash, and only trash would go here.

  23. fourtwenty mostwantedMarch 7, 2015 at 11:01 PM

    wow, the original owner didn't give a fk, good riddence when he goes bankrupt.

  24. they need to develop a website and a Facebook page and get a promoter or two that know what they're doing

  25. saw this on craigslist

    looking for experienced individual to come work with us we are a newly remodeled bar .
    open from 12 pm - 4am with a full kitchen and a full bar also serving hookahs if you are energetic , hard working and have a flexible schedule . reply with your resume and two pictures









  26. Any place posting on Craigslist for help and asking for pictures... automatically know its a shit hole.. Amusing they don't know how to spell "Managers" either.

  27. Wow... it was a tacky place it should have been called drama night club lol

  28. Wow, is all I can say. With all that behavior, doing nothing to contradict any stereotypes about African Americans (lazy, cheap, bad tippers, mouthy), all I can say is Wow!
    That episode set the portrayal of Blacks back so far, I'm thinking of starting up the Underground Railroad again!

  29. Why am I not surprised that the weak and undertrained management went back to the old, unsuccessful ways soon after the Taffer crew left. Everyone in management would do a lot better if they were trained a few years by people who know what they are doing rather than being in charge.

  30. i had sex in their bathroom.

  31. Why does a guy with a Tardis need a crystal ball to see the future?

  32. XiaolinDrunkenMasterApril 6, 2015 at 9:58 AM

    Good for you! Your mother must be oh so proud! And your father too, if you know which one you leaked from! Now tomorrow you go to the zoo!

  33. Flippant, irrelevant nameApril 12, 2015 at 11:16 PM

    With yourself or one of the bartenders?

  34. I cant believe what I am watching! They definitely didnt deserve the help! They are trash! Holes in their stockings! One chick on the pole with white on needed to close her nasty legs with that dirty wet spot.. No class thats why they only get $1 bills.. lmao.. hot mess express! They look like they stink!!! They have no bartending skills.. not business minded!

  35. Looks like they have Facebook page now but run by a resident DJ based on the posted pictures.

  36. "Mangers" are very rare and that's what makes this place special and unique. Grammar, punctuation and the interesting usage of parenthesis are always a benefit in demonstrating your care and attention to detail for potential employees. The personal/human resource "manger" needs to possess these skills too. However, a manger could be found in any cattle ranch so you need not go far in FL unless you plan on getting the one Baby Jesus was placed in. In that case you may need a miracle and I now praise you for keeping Isabella. She seems skilled enough to produce such an act of faith.

    P.S. a manger is a feed trough for livestock; thought you may like to know.

  37. The Maharincess of FranistanJuly 5, 2015 at 1:06 PM

    What a bunch of stupid people!!

    They hired back the same drunken TRASH that was helping to drag the place down. Not everyone is cut out to be a bar owner. This STUPID couple clearly is not.

    They should've fired ALL of the hoodrats they had working for them. ALL of them!

    They'll be broke and out of business by the end of 2015.