Friday, May 26, 2017

Stand Up Scottsdale From Bar Rescue Has Closed

Photo - Spike
Stand Up Scottsdale from season of three of Bar Rescue has closed.  The bar closed at the end of April 2017 and posted the following on Facebook:
"Hi, all, as many of you know, this is our final weekend!
The hotel has sold and they're closing to redesign. We'll be taking the year off and working towards re-opening in Spring of '18.
In our final weekend, we'd love to celebrate with our Frans the memorable run we've had, as well as, my Birthday and filming of my DVD of my first 10 years in comedy.
All 4 shows are FREE. 
We will be accepting donations after each show if you'd like to help cover the costs of the filming, however, its more important that you are there, so don't let that get in the way.
We will be filming all shows and your attendance is consent.
Thanks for being a part of our history - hope you'll be part of our new beginnings in '18!"
Stand Up Scottsdale moved back to its original location at the beginning of 2016, so they were not operating in the same spot that Jon Taffer renovated.  That is why there is a reference above to the hotel that the club was in.

Owner Howard Hughes was never shy to speak his mind about Bar Rescue and complained about the makeover done by Jon Taffer.  He also appeared on a Back to the Bar special where things got a bit heated with Jon Taffer.   Howard has always responded to comments on this site to explain his side of things and to answer questions/insults from Bar Rescue fans.  We will see if Stand Up Scottsdale opens back up in 2018, but the bar has now been marked as Closed on the Bar Rescue Updates page.