Monday, August 31, 2020

The Iron Horse (Joe's Thirsty Lizard) From Bar Rescue Has Closed

The Iron Horse in Horn Lake, Mississippi which was featured on season 6 of Bar Rescue has closed. The bar has been closed for quite some time and closed before the pandemic hit.

In October of 2019, owner Joe Scott posted on Facebook, "I want to thank,from the bottom of my heart,all those who have supported me and my staff for these past five years.ive made mistakes but I put my heart and soul into the so happy that kelly and Nancy were able to step and keep the doors open and the girls employed.i know they'll do a great job.once again,thank you and I love you all"

Then in November of 2019, owner Joe Scott posted, "It's been a tough year. I've lost everything financially. I lost the business that I was so very proud of.materially, I have nothing.but I have my friends and my family. There is no way to put a price on is a rough road that I am on but i have no doubt that i will arrive at a good place.i thank all of you who have checked in on me.i am thankful. I hope you are too."

The Kelly and Nancy referred to above opened a bar called The Lazy Lizard at the same location. Here is the Facebook page of The Lazy Lizard and in February of 2020, the Lazy Lizard closed permanently and posted a long rant on Facebook about the landlord and calls out Joe Scott.  You can read that long rant here where he says he and the public were scammed by Joe Scott.

The Iron Horse property is currently listed for sale at a price of $550,000.

The Iron Horse was originally named Joe's Thirsty Lizard before the Bar Rescue makeover and here is the original update for the bar (the one with the guy showering in the kitchen).  The Iron Horse has been marked as 'Closed' on the Bar Rescue Updates Page.