Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ele Lounge From Bar Rescue Has Closed

Ele Lounge in Hollywood, Florida, which was featured on Bar Rescue in March 2015 has closed.  A reader that is local to the area let me know that it was closed and provided pictures of what the building currently looks like.

Here is the bar right after the makeover from the Bar Rescue makeover:

Here are the pictures of what the bar currently looks like - provided by reader William Grimaldi

Exterior with paper over the windows:

Photo - William Grimaldi

Interior, which is pretty much gutted:

Photo - William Grimaldi
Photo - William Grimaldi

There was no official announcement of the closure, so I am not sure what happened, but if I get more information, this post will be updated.  People were posting current pictures to the Ele Lounge Facebook page in early August, but it appears sometime after August 3rd, 2015 that the bar closed.

The bar kept the name and changes provided by Bar Rescue, but also hired back someone who was fired on the show and the bartenders continued to dance for tips (as stated in the original update).  This bar closed just 5 months after being on the show and less than a year after their makeover (Nov. 2014).  The Bar Rescue Update page has been updated to show this bar as 'Closed.'

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