Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bar Rescue - Bonny and Read's (Toucan's Oceanside Bar & Grill) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Hollywood Beach, Florida to try to rescue Toucan's Oceanside Bar & Grill.  The bar is co-owned by friends Jamie and John, and they have already survived multiple hurricanes.  Jamie recently lost a son and things started to go downhill at the bar.  They are supposedly $250,000 in debt and about 5 months from having to close.  To top it all off, there are rats in the kitchen of the bar.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Toucan's Oceanside Bar and Grill was renamed to Bonny & Read's.  The bar seems to have embraced the name and still goes by Bonny & Read's.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Bonny & Read's since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar:

Positive Reviews:
  • "The experience was great! We went to the boardwalk looking for dinner with a view, and got a spot 10 feet from the beach. The food was excellent and our server couldn't have been more pleasant."
  • "This is a no frills place on the beach with standard bar food and some standout dishes....A hard working, friendly staff. Reasonable prices for this area. Worth a visit." 
  • "Boasts "Best Bloody Mary on the beach". It was good.... Staff was very friendly and service was quick."
  • "Watched a few games here yesterday and a had a great experience. If your a local this place is for you. Prices a fair and the the staff is friendly."

Negative Reviews:
  • "I went to Toucans before Bar Rescue and apparently after. It was a dive yes but a good dive. I always loved going in there. I recently went in and saw there were some changes but it honestly looked like some kmart make-over. Plus, the service SUCKED. I mean SUCKED. It was much better before...Sometimes a dive is just supposed to be a dive."
  • "We went there with a party of 8 with high hopes because of the show Bar Rescue. This place is terrible. We waited forever for food and we tried to be as patient as possible...The manager was half drunk and not helpful at all. He was rude and unapologetic for his awful restaurant. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there! Don't go, if you want to enjoy a meal!"
  • "Slow service. Wimpy salad, and my peel n' eat shrimp was papery and wicked dry. I am going to feed the leftovers to the Pelicans"
  • "Since they did bar rescue they are now over priced cant smoke inside etc etc..They will lose the locals and the tourists are here for 3 months im sure they wont get them in not for what they are charging...Like management dont like new bartender..."
Reviews from Yelp, Tripadvisor

Other News and Links:
  • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in November 2014.
  • Here are preview videos of the episode from the Spike TV website - Video 1 (Intro), Video 2 (rats), Video 3 (stress test).  They just happened to have cameras on the floor to film the rats....
  • Here is the Bonny & Read's Facebook page and Twitter page.  Here is the old Toucan's Facebook page.
  • Here is the Bonny & Read's website, which is pretty well done and has a food menu, drink menu, a detailed about us section, and a description of the legend of Bonny and Read.
  • Here are the Facebook pages of Jamie, John, Tara, and Kali
  • Here are the last 3 restaurant inspection reports for Toucan's Oceanside Bar and Grill. The latest one in September 2014 had 13 violations, with just one being high priority.
  • Bar owner Jamie's son, Jamie IV, was murdered in December 2013.  Jamie IV was arrested in November 2013 for failing to appear in court on a possession of methamphetamine charge.  He turned into a confidential informant for the Polk County Narcotics Team and did a controlled drug deal.  When the dealers found out he was an informant, they beat him to death and dumped his body in the woods (Article with details). The picture of Jamie IV from the local paper vs. the mug shot in the Oregon article is very different and shows what meth can do to people.


The bar has kept the name of Bonny & Read's and has created new websites and Facebook pages with the new name. So they appear happy with the name change and will probably keep it long-term.

The reviews since the Bar Rescue makeover have been mixed, with people both complementing and complaining about the service.  A few of the negative reviews seem like regulars who do not like the Bar Rescue makeover for changing their bar.

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  1. Sorry, pelicans won't touch shrimp!

  2. Pirate themed bar with a bright blue outside? Big disconnect between the exterior color and a good looking wood interior.

    So, how long do you suppose it took for someone to ask which one of the owners is Bonny and which one is Read...or Clyde.

  3. Kind of a dull ep, sorry to say. Felt like Jon was phoning it in.

    Cute bartender, though.

  4. Bright blue exterior = call to action! (Or something.)

  5. Seemed like a throwback to season 1, more of a feel good episode, without all the confrontation.

  6. You write: "Here are the last 3 restaurant inspection
    reports for Toucan's Oceanside Bar and Grill. The latest one in
    September 2014 had 13 violations, with just one being high priority."

    When I see that level of filth and decay in a food service establishment, with most of the problems both easily detected and completely overlooked by health inspectors, it leaves me with little faith in the health inspection process for the community where the establishment is located. These issues arise often enough on the bar / restaurant "rescue" shows -- serious health issues that are not documented in health inspections -- that there's cause for concern that the system is failing in many communities across the nation.

  7. Ok, timeout. Let's see now. Both owners lost their wives to divorce and one of them lost a son. If that led to long term decline, I seriously doubt that 1 week is going to hold them together for long. In earlier episodes, Taffer used to commit really drunk owners to counseling but not this one.

  8. Some recipes for a zombie do have papaya juice in it. The original version by "Don the Beachcomber" from the 1930's didn't have papaya juice in it, but the recipe they gave on Bar Rescue has very little resemblance to that recipe either. These days though there are almost as many different recipes for a zombie drinks as there are bars serving them. The original recipe involved things that would make the cost prohibitive.

  9. If you think everything you see on Bar Rescue is the truth, you're definitely a sucker. What the health inspections actually do show is that the bar wasn't anywhere near that filthy just two months before the show was taped, therefore it was most likely all embellished for TV. Kinda like how they just happened to have a camera on the floor to record the rats running around. The show has its entertaining moments, but there's very little that's is realistic on this, or any reality show.

  10. As I watched this episode I was thinking about Patricia Arquette comments on gender equality. In no way would a male get away with giving away $2,000 worth of drinks the way Kali did. We all know why they couldn't fire her. They are thinking with the wrong organ.

  11. and lets be real..her looks is the only reason why she didn't get fired.

  12. but your still acknowledging that state health inspectors are pretty much useless. Unless you can prove they purposely made the bar filthier for the show and put rats in me it just shows that health inspectors only show every once in a while and then they let the place go to crap before the next inspection.

  13. If @Steve wants to delude himself into believing that Bar Rescue sends crews into bars to fake years of neglect, break equipment, spray surfaces down with grease and filth, and release insects and rodents, it is unlikely that anybody is going to be able to disabuse him of his fantasy.

    For those of us with actual restaurant management and kitchen hygiene experience, though, it's difficult to ignore reality. I was commenting, of course, on that reality.

  14. Now, this is how you do a pirate bar.....

  15. BR doesn't make places dirtier,but there's plenty of evidence they tell places not to clean up before Taffer gets there.

  16. I work there and the place is awesome so all you idiots who believe Bar rescue you obviously dont understand "getting ratings"!

  17. I wondered if the name change (to honor two women pirates) would cause the public to think that this was now a bar intended for, ummm, ladies looking to meet other ladies.

  18. I believe they need a rescue again. If your go into a bar, you expect somebody to take your drink order. Ten minutes in a less than half full bar and we tracked down our server so we could spend money. Then never a visit by our server. We went someplace else. Bar is cool, service sucks. Why a tv in front of the cool map