Friday, February 18, 2022

Lucky 66 Bowl (Great 66 Entertainment Center) From Bar Rescue Has Closed

Lucky 66 Bowl in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which appeared on season 7 of Bar Rescue has closed.  In March 2020, Lucky 66 said they had to close due to COVID and posted on Facebook, "By order of the governor of the state of a New Mexico, we are ordered to close until the state allows us to re open."

Almost a year later in January 2021, Lucky 66 revealed that they would not reopen and posted, "It unfortunate that I have to tell all of the patrons that have supported for the last 18 years, that we have to close the business. Not only the virus, COVID-19, but the policy of our governor has placed hardships and financial challenges that the company is unable to overcome."

In June 2021, they followed up with another message, "We appreciate the interest in our bowling center, However the financial requirements needed to reopen the center after the Governor forced our closure for mote than a year was more than we could handle. Thank you for remembering our and for your support. We appreciate you so very much."

So, it appears that government regulations shut down Lucky 66 Entertainment Center at first, and the owners decided not to reopen when they were allowed to.  The Lucky 66 update from when the episode originally aired stated that the owner Mike posted a lot of political thoughts on his Facebook page, so I am sure he was not happy with being shut down by the Governor.

Lucky 66 Bowl had their name changed to Great 66 Entertainment Center during their Bar Rescue makeover, but they quickly changed their name to Lucky 66 Entertainment Center and they kept that name until they closed.  Lucky 66 Entertainment Center has been marked 'Closed' on the Bar Rescue Updates page