Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Morgue (Kiva Lounge) From Bar Rescue Has Closed

Kiva Lounge & Bar in San Marcos, Texas which appeared on season 6 (2nd set) of Bar Rescue has closed.  On October 14th, the bar posted on their Facebook page, "As of today our doors are closed. Thanks for all the memories San Marcos!"  The comments on that post say the closure was sudden and there were still bands scheduled.  People were also saying that someone bought the bar, but nothing can be confirmed.

When Jon Taffer did the makeover of Kiva Lounge & Bar, he renamed the bar to The Morgue.  The bar did not keep the name and went back to the name Kiva Lounge & Bar a few months after the makeover.  Here is the detailed update from when the episode aired and Kiva Lounge & Bar/The Morgue is now marked 'closed' on the Bar Rescue Updates page.