Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gipsy (SBLV) From Bar Rescue Plans To Reopen As Dayclub/Ultralounge

You may remember Gipsy, which was renamed SBLV (South Beach Las Vegas) from season 3 of Bar Rescue.  Gipsy was billed as the first gay nightclub in Las Vegas, and the owner Paul was portrayed as a verbally abusive and intoxicated owner.

Bar Rescue came to Gipsy to rescue the bar in February of 2013, and when Paul saw the changes Bar Rescue made, he decided to shut the bar down because he hated them so much.

In May 2013, the SBLV Lounge posted on their website:
As many of you know in February of 2013, the staff and management of the iconic Gipsy filmed an episode of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. After the renovation from the show, we felt that it still needed more. We are so excited to share the all new Gipsy coming soon! Stay tuned as we will be posting the progress of the project on our website.       
There haven't been many updates since Paul shut the place down, but recently Las Vegas Weekly reported that he plans to reopen the bar as a Dayclub/Ultralounge.  All of the changes from the Bar Rescue makeover have been removed and the place has been gutted.  He plans to reopen sometime in the summer, but who knows if that will actually happen.

Also, Paul claims that he went along with a exaggerated narrative on the show and that he "gave them enough rope to hang me with."