Sunday, April 11, 2021

New Season of Bar Rescue Starts May 2nd

The wait for new episodes of Bar Rescue is finally over with the show announcing that new episodes will start on Sunday, May 2nd.   Due to the pandemic, this is the first new episode of Bar Rescue to air since September 2020.  

The new season will makeover bars that are all located in Las Vegas, Nevada and there will be ten new episodes.  The new episodes will still air on Paramount Network despite reports that Bar Rescue would move networks with the Paramount channel rebrand.  COVID related issues pushed back a lot of filming of planned miniseries and television movies for Paramount, which has delayed the rebrand.

Below is the announcement made for the upcoming season:

It should be interesting to see how this season is filmed as packing a bar for a stress test will probably not be an option.  With bars and restaurants all over the country struggling due to the pandemic, we will also see if Jon Taffer is any less dramatic.  

As always, I will have bar updates for each of the new Bar Rescue episodes that air.  I also have updates for some bars from the show that have closed and I will get those out before the season starts.

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