Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Roc Bar & Nightclub From Bar Rescue Has Closed

The Roc Bar & Nightclub in San Francisco, California which appeared on season 5 of Bar Rescue has closed. This one has been closed for some time and it appears the bar closed in the middle of 2019.  I thought I posted an update on this bar, but apparently not.

The Roc Bar & Nightclub was originally named Fort One before the Bar Rescue makeover and the show was filmed in July 2016.  The reviews for The Roc Bar & Nightclub were pretty negative with a lot of 1-star reviews on Yelp before they closed.

One thing of note for The Roc Bar & Nightclub episode is that Ashley Clark was a bartender for the bar and she later became a Bar Rescue expert on future episodes.

The Roc Bar & Nightclub has now been marked as 'Closed' on the Bar Rescue Updates Page.

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