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Bar Rescue - BR Steak (Pro's Sports Bar) Update

Photo - BR Steak
On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Country Club Hills, Illinois to try to rescue Pro's Sports Bar & Grill.  The bar is just outside of Chicago and has a management heavy staff that disrespects its owner.  Jon Taffer brought in Dan aka Big Cat from Barstool Sports to help him with the recon of this bar, and the drink he was made during recon had about 7 ounces of liquor.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Pro's Sports Bar & Grill was renamed to BR Steak and they have kept the new name of the bar.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for BR Steak since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar (All reviews are post-Bar Rescue):

  • "Service was bad......I just waited for 25 minutes for a drink and still didn't receive it. The waitress and several other employees passed me I won't be going back"
  • "The first rule of a steakhouse is make sure that if nothing else is perfect, the steaks are.  Somehow, I think that rule escapes the chef here...The food:  the steak was seasoned well and the salad was okay. ..The bad:Atmosphere:  this place is small,  so there is no reason to have the music so loud that it is distorted coming from the speakers....Food:  How does a steakhouse not get steak temps right?  I'll tell you. Thin steaks. Mid-rare steaks will continue cooking well past the intended temp when they are resting when they are thin...There are a LOT of issues, including the bathrooms which were in such a state of disrepair that I felt dirtier leaving the bathroom than I did entering it....No second chances for this place unless there are drastic changes."
  • "Beware this is not a restaurant, it's a bar lounge that serves food, and I didn't see one steak every one was eating fried chicken! We bought a groupon to eat here and when we arrived they asked for ID I'm thinking you need ID to enter a steakhouse? Once we entered you have to seat yourself the place was filled with an older crowd 50yrs and up. Every one was dancing to old school music and there were limited tables to sit at."
  • "When the bar MANAGER serves you a drink in a PLASTIC wine glass, can't pronounce Cabernet Sauvignon, and then tells you they're out, you should be forewarned...I agree with other reviews...BR can't do BOTH and do it WELL!  Focus on being a full service premier BAR with experienced staff and forget the restaurant and catering. I guess you have to know how to STEP YOUR GAME UP in order to accomplish it...they need serious help. It's true...first impressions are EVERYTHING!"
 *Reviews from Yelp

Other News and Links:
  • This Bar Rescue makeover happened all the way back in October 2014.  I am not sure why it hasn't aired sooner than this season.
  • Here is a preview video of the episode from the Spike TV website.
  • Here is the BR Steak website, which has a drink and food menu.
  • The weekly events at BR Steak are free pool on Mondays, Tequila Tuesday's, Karaoke Wednesday's, live entertainment Thursday's, DJ-Party-Dancing Fridays/Saturdays, and Brunch on Sundays. (Link
  • There are a lot of pictures of the makeover on the BR Steak website if you are interested.
  • Here is old Facebook page for Pro's Sports Bar. When the Bar Rescue makeover happened in October 2014, someone posted the makeover looked nice, while others commented that the pole dancing is gone and the dance floor is gone.
  • Here is the Facebook Page for BR Steak which is just a page where people check in and is pretty new.  Here is the BR Steak Instagram page as well.
  • Dan is also known as Big Cat on Barstool Sports, but Dave is a buddy of Dan who doesn't work for Barstool Sports.  Dan said Jon Taffer was confused and assumed he worked for Barstool Sports (another tweet).
  •  Big Cat will be live tweeting this episode of Bar Rescue, so we will see he reveals anything about the episode while it is airing (Link). 
  • BR Steak offers multiple different Groupon deal. (Link)


The bar has kept all of the changes installed by Bar Rescue including the name and seem happy with the makeover.  The makeover happened all the way back in October 2014, and there haven't been too many reviews of the bar since then.  The reviews are mixed with people saying it is more of a lounge than a steakhouse, and people aren't impressed with the food.  It seems like the bar has not capitalized on the publicity that Bar Rescue usually brings and does not even have an up-to-date Facebook page almost a year after the makeover.

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