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Hideaway Bar & Grill - Bar Rescue Update

In this week's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Meridian, Idaho to rescue Hideaway Bar & Grill.  Hideaway Bar & Grill is owned by Dwayne Fulbright and has been open at its current location since 2017. The bar is having staffing issues and Dwayne has been drinking while at the bar. The Hideaway went from making $25,000 a month to losing $6,000 a month and is supposedly 6 months away from closing.  

During the Bar Rescue makeover, the name of Hideaway Bar & Grill remained the same and all signs point to Jon Taffer walking out on the bar. Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Hideaway Bar & Grill since Bar Rescue visited. (All reviews are post-Bar Rescue):

Positive Reviews:
  • "Very good food and great customer service. Lots of parking for customers."
  • "I love going going here on the weekends to catch a late breakfast and watch football! They always get my game on I’m looking for and I have had nothing but great service and food! The beer selection is also great"

Negative Reviews:
  • "We use to go there weekly usually for weekend breakfast but the food and service has become subpar. The last time we went the server brought me the wrong food and then walked out to her car and left. Came back with a male friend and got into a verbal loud confrontation with I assume the manager. After an extended time a server came over and I told her I got the wrong meal she looked at me and shrugged her shoulder and walked away. I left the meal and payed and we have not been back. Add to the fact they are now towing vehicles at ridiculous charges I will not be back."
  • "How has the news not made an amazing story on how shitty this place is and how awful they treat the community . All these 1 star reviews and the scam they pull with pink towing ......this should be a reporters field day."
  • "Horrible food!!! Owner was a jerk yelling at a person who came in asking why their car was towed he continued to yell explaining they can't park there if they aren't in the restaurant."
  • "With all the other bad reviews I hope that no one supports a business that traps people by having a tow truck in the parking lot to take your car. Obviously they have bad food as well as bad business when there are literally no cars in the parking lot. The man in the tow truck (Pink Towing) sits in his truck and waits for people to walk out of the parking lot then tows or tries to tow away your vehicle."
  • "Parked my vehicle in the parking lot and was planning to hit there since I like the staff there. Walked away for 5 minutes to setup a haircut appointment next door and when I come back there's 2 guys hooking up my vehicle. I told them I was gonna eat there but they just laughed and said "that's what everyone says". I got charged $150 to put it back on the ground, which felt unfair but I wasn't mad. Called the restaurant later wanting to explain how they should not tow vehicles as fast and the manager just started yelling at me. She than said "we hear this all the time" meaning they're fully aware of it but are going to continue this. My advice is just to eat somewhere else. The staff is nice, food is subpar"
  • "BEWARE They have tow trucks waiting in their parking lot and cameras watching the parking lot to promptly tow anyone who parks in their lot and doesn't immediately walk inside. $350 cash to a sketchy tow company. Unethical establishment. We were without a car seat with a 2 year old in under 30 degree weather."
  • "Really gross business practices. Their massive parking lot is always empty because their food and service sucks. The business next door is kind and has good food with an overflowing parking lot. The Hideaway owners will call and have your car towed if you park in their lot for any other business because they're bitter about their own failing dive bar. Not kind people. Not the Idaho way. We'll never give their business a dollar but we look forward to whatever business replaces them when they inevitably collapse. Good riddance."
  • "Disgusting and terrible. Every about this place is trash. On the weekends, they keep multiple tow trucks in their parking lot or nearby waiting to tow people if they park and aren't eating. Never going back this place."
  • "The owner is a despicable person that has no goodwill and charity. He is against the idea of community and doesn't have any respect for our veterans who protected this country."
  • "Just learned that the owner is a Karen who polices the parking lot like his life depends on it. Trash business practice. Will not be spending my money here."
  • "If you like bad food, bad service, and your car being towed, you should check this place out."
*Reviews from Yelp, Google

Other News and Links:
  • The Bar Rescue for Hideaway Bar & Grill happened in late July of 2022.
  • Here is a short preview video of the episode from the Bar Rescue Facebook page that teases Jon Taffer leaving the bar.
  • Here is the Hideaway Bar & Grill Facebook page and their website domain expired.
  • The bar makes no mentions of its upcoming appearance on Bar Rescue.
  • Here are the Facebook pages of Dwayne (owner), Vanesa (manager/Dwayne's girlfriend)
  • Here are the reviews for Hideaway Bar & Grill from YelpTripAdvisor, and Google.
    • There are tons of 1-star reviews and it is one of the worst rated bars to appear on the show.
  • The other bars Jon Taffer walked out on were Blacklight District Lounge, O' Face, and Second Base.
    • Jon Taffer also walked out on Hideaway Bar & Grill after no one would admit Dwayne had a drinking problem.
  • There is also a real estate listing for the property of Hideaway Bar & Grill and it looks like it is under contract for $2,750,000. (Link)
    • Here is also the commercial listing with a video tour. (Link)


The name of Hideaway Bar & Grill remained the same after the Bar Rescue visit and Jon Taffer left during filming after Dwayne wouldn't admit he had a drinking problem. The reviews for Hideaway Bar & Grill since the makeover are overwhelmingly negative with tons of complaints about cars being towed from the parking lot. It seems that Hideaway monitors who parks in their parking lot and immediately tows them if they don't enter their bar.  This is one of the worst rated bars that has appeared on Bar Rescue.  It appears the bar has been sold with a real estate listing under contract, so I will monitor this to see if the bar changes owners, concepts, etc.

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