Sunday, May 23, 2021

Champagne's - Bar Rescue Update (2nd Visit)

In this week's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are once again in Las Vegas, Nevada to rescue Champagne's.  This is the second time that Jon Taffer has visited Champagne's because he did a makeover of the bar in 2016.  

As Champagne's was already on Bar Rescue, there will not be the normal update.  You can visit the other update done for the bar to see all of the links for the bar and reviews. Champagne's still uses the name of Champagne's Cafe and they put up their old sign, but they seem to use Champagne's and Champagne's Cafe interchangeably.  Here is a preview video of the episode if you are interested. 

Champagne's posted on their Facebook page about the upcoming episode, "Check out our second (yes second) Bar Rescue remodel.  They did a great job....again.  In addition to the remodel, we have another new drink menu and panini menu.  Thanks to Jon Taffer for committing the entire next season to  the Vegas bar industry surviving Covid!"

So, it appears they are happy with the makeover and are happy that Jon Taffer came to the bar again. 

One recent update for Champagne's is that a bartender (one that wasn't featured on Bar Rescue) died after an assault at the bar just a month ago.  Here is the link for that story.

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