Sunday, June 7, 2020

Silver Dollar - Bar Rescue Update

In this week's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Chula Vista, California to rescue Silver Dollar.  The Silver Dollar was founded in 1934 and is a dive bar owned by Mike Tegardine.  Mike and his son Mike Jr. are feuding over the bar which is tearing their relationship apart.  Mike Jr's wife Norma has reached out to Jon Taffer as her final hope for fixing things.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Jon Taffer decided to keep the name of the Silver Dollar. Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Silver Dollar since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar (All reviews are post-Bar Rescue):

Positive Reviews:

  • "The ceiling was cool. Last night's female bartender was awesome! She was busy as heck and was still pleasant and gave good customer service!"
  • "Always have a great time.. good music and drinks!!"
  • "Good music, pure 80s and 90s perfect spot right in the middle of downtown Chula Vista"

Negative Reviews:

  • "Horrible place to go to! Mostly gang affiliated so there is always fights. The bartenders are scammers!!!! They take advantage of anyone who had to much to drink tipping themselves... I personally saw this!! They reuse alcohol bottles and put cheaper liquor in the "high end" bottles. Bathrooms are always excessively dirty pr put of Bad place all the way around! ..... love the way the sorry manager and bartender are mad at the review and after I SAID I WILL NO LONGER BE GOING IN TO THE ESTABLISHMENT.... the manager said im not welcome ....."
  • "Used to be the go to spot. We got Into a talking match with some peeps and got a lifetime ban for it, while the other cats didn't get anything. Tried to settle things with the owner or manager, whoever it was but he never called us back. Overall a good place fun time, if you "fit into the crowd""
  • "I got kicked out for no reason. I was talking to a pretty girl and all of a sudden I was being escorted out while all my friends were able to stay. It was my 3rd drink of the night so I wasn't drunk or anything. Never going there again."
  • "This place is garbage. Even after Bar Rescue they have horrible service and restrooms are DISGUSTING! It's dark like a dungeon and smells like a public urinal. I would not recommend coming here unless you want The Hep."
  • "I've been coming to silver dollar for about a year now and ever since they went on bar rescue, things have lot been the same. There is absolutely no reason why we should be waiting over 30 min in line for a dive bar. Ridiculous."

*Reviews from Yelp, Google

Other News and Links:
  • The Bar Rescue for Silver Dollar happened in January 2020.
  • Here is the Silver Dollar Facebook page. They do not have a website
  • In July 2019, a YouTube video was posted about a stabbing outside of Silver Dollar.  Norma posted a comment on that video that the stabbing was actually across the street. (Link)
  • Silver Dollar closed in March due to social distancing regulations and has not posted on Facebook since early April.
  • In late May, Silver Dollar boarded up the front of the building in anticipation of demonstrations in the area. So, the bar still sits closed with its windows boarded up. (Link to photo)
  • Here are the reviews for Silver Dollar from Yelp, Google
    • The owner Mike responds to some of the reviews on Yelp.


Jon Taffer decided to keep the name of Silver Dollar, which makes sense because of the long history of the bar.  Jon did the makeover in late-January and the bar had to close due to social distancing regulations in mid-March.  The reviews for Silver Dollar since the makeover have been pretty negative with people complaining about the security at the bar, dirty bathrooms and lines. It seems that before and after the makeover, Silver Dollar has had some big crowds and lines for entering which is good for business.

Silver Dollar currently sits closed and boarded up due to social distancing regulations coupled with protests in the area.  I will not mark this bar as closed unless they announce they are closing for good and I will update this post if/when the bar reopens.

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