Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bar Rescue - Stand Up Scottsdale Update Part 2 - Back To The Bar

Tonight on Bar Rescue is a special Back To The Bar episode, and one of the bars being visited is Stand Up Scottsdale.  Judging by the past and by looking at the preview for the episode, this figures to be a controversial episode, so I figured I would do another post on this bar.

Howard Hughes, the owner of Stand Up Scottsdale has been very vocal in the past about how he didn't like Bar Rescue and the changes made to his bar.  He has also responded to many fan comments and questions on a previous post on this website and made fun of people for believing in reality TV.

Back in July 2015, when Bar Rescue revisited for their Back to the Bar episode, Stand Up Scottsdale posted the following photo:

In a recent post on Facebook, Howard said, "very little lately more enjoyable than destroying in front of Bar Rescue fans. Their faces and their comments afterward are priceless. Jon Taffer is an undeniable fraud; he's the Vince McMahon of the bar industry."

In one of the comments of the previous post for Stand Up Scottsdale, Howard says, "And even more good news for fans of BR: I just went back and shot an instudio recap and just like you would hope for, it is epic. Jon is still a loud mouth fraud (I imagine many will say the same of me), so keep in touch for our video recap fo the actuality of what Bar rescue the dopiest of Br fans, it'll all seem like the reality couldn't be possible but it'll be eye opening to reasonable people."

Also, there is a viewing party of the episode tonight at Stand Up Scottsdale, which says, "The first time wasn't enough!  I went back for a "confronting" episode and, well, it worked. Come see the amazing story Bar Rescue weaves this time around; I imagine I end up getting arrested ;-)"

Howard said he is launching a podcast after the show, which I am sure he will reveal more things and try to bash the show, so stay tuned.  My guess is he will be responsive to comments on here again...

UPDATE - Stand Up Scottsdale closed in April 2017 - More information on the closure.

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