Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bar Rescue - Power Strip (Chix on Dix) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Detroit, Michigan to try to rescue Chix on Dix.  Chix on Dix is a struggling strip club located on Dix Street in Detroit (hence the name).  Jon doesn't usually rescue strip clubs, so he will need to use some different advice to save this bar.  The performers at Chix are unsociable and the poor service is causing the bar to lose about $5,000 a month. 

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Chix on Dix was renamed to Power Strip, and they have kept the new bar name.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Power Strip since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar (All reviews are post-Bar Rescue):

  • "Really like this club but management does 't seem to keep a dancer on stage and the dancers don't seem to want to talk to customers. I have visited several times early afternoons and management teems preconceived with its own lunch and dancers want to talk to each other. The only person do their job is the bartender, she is veryhot and I would love to vip with her."
*Review from

Other News and Links:
  • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in late September/early October 2015.
  • Here is a preview video of the episode from the Spike TV website.
  • Here is the Chix on Dix Facebook Page. In all recent posts, they refer to themselves as Power Strip, so they have kept the name.  They also went by the name Industrial Strip starting in April 2015. I am not sure if the show made them go by Chix on Dix when they filmed.
  • Here is a Chix on Dix Facebook Page where people check-in at the club.
  • Here is an Industrial Strip Facebook Page.
  • Finally, here is the Power Strip Facebook Page.
  • It seems like on all of their Facebook pages, there are ads that they are hiring dancers.
  • Here is the Power Strip website set up by Bar Rescue, which is the cocktail and food menu.
  • Darren also lists himself as a General Manager of another bar on his Facebook Page.
  • Here are some Instagram photos tagged with #PowerStrip, and some of the recent ones seem like they could be people from the episode, such as bartender Meshelle (along with computer power strips).


The bar/strip club has kept the name Power Strip since Bar Rescue did the makeover.  It is hard to determine how it is doing since not many people review strip clubs.  The only review seems to say that the dancers don't seem interested in the customers, which was the case during the episode of Bar Rescue.  Also there are many Facebook pages for the bar/strip club, and they may want to consolidate some of those.

UPDATE 6/2016 - Power Strip has closed - More information on the closure.

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