Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bar Rescue - Lake Marie Lodge (Dirty Rooster) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Antioch, Illinois to try to rescue the Dirty Rooster.  The bar is a lakeside bar, and the owner Rob spends more time swinging from the rafters of his bar than managing his staff.  While doing the recon, Jon Taffer steps away and says he will not help the bar until he sees some changes in the owner.
During the Bar Rescue makeover, Dirty Rooster was renamed to Lake Marie Lodge.  Since the makeover, the bar has kept the name of Lake Marie Lodge, however their Facebook page still has the name of the Dirty Rooster.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Lake Marie Lodge since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar:

  • "Great Burgers. Super friendly staff."
  • "Stopped in the bar this last weekend. Nothing to brag about . The actual bar and bar stools were nice. The floor looked nasty. The windows were super dirty. Service was slow and the place only had a few people in it. No real reason to ever stop back in"
  • "Went there on Friday night to check it out. There were some camera guys shooting. Possibly some follow up shots? I had never been there before it got "rescued" so I don't have past to present comparisons. Agree with the bar stools being really comfortable. The service behind the bar was lame though. I asked what the new drink specials were and the bartender said they didn't have any. I was suprised by that since the show always puts together the new house drinks. My fiance said the womens bathroom was not finished either. Interested to see the show about it."
  • "Yeah. It was the Dirty Rooster, but had a nasty dirty parking lot. So, we called it the dirty parking lot. THen, on a whim, went there after bar rescue... service? Terrible. Asked for drink specials, were told there was none. not offered menus. Asked about an advertised special drink, then told they didn't have the ingredients to make it. even got a long story about how the sign was screwed to the wall, and they couldn't take it down. So... My experience... Dirty Rooster ---> Dirty Parking Lot ---> Lake Marie Lodge ---> Empty Parking Lot.  Won't go back."
*Reviews from Yelp and Fun on the Fox Message board.

Other News and Links:
  • The makeover happened in September 2014.
  • Here is a clip from tonight's episode of owner Rob acting obnoxious and Jon Taffer sending his experts in to say he wasn't going to help out.
  • Here is the Lake Marie Lodge website that has a menu of food and drinks.
  • Here is the old Dirty Rooster website.
  • The bar was bought for $144,000 in 2011. (Link)
  • Here is the Dirty Rooster Facebook page, which has not yet changed the name to Lake Marie Lodge.
  • In June 2014, the Dirty Rooster got a violation for "permitting a battery and over serving" (Link
  • In October 2014, owner Rob filed for a "name change to Lake Marie Lodge and changes in ownership"
  • In June of 2014, the bar was looking for "1 to 2 serious investors to get in on the next big thing."(Link)  So it appears they may have found someone based upon the October filing.
  • Dirty Rooster is on offering discount gift certificates. (Link)


The reviews for Lake Marie Lodge complement the comfortable bar stools, but there are complaints about the cleanliness of the place and the bad service.  It also sounds like they are not serving all of the special drinks installed by Bar Rescue.

With the bar filing for a name change in October of 2014 to change it to Lake Marie Lodge officially, it appears they will stick with the name.  Also, in June (before Bar Rescue came), the bar was looking for 1 or 2 serious investors, and they apparently found someone in October as they filed for a change in ownership.

UPDATE - The bar closed at the end of 2015.  More information on the closure.

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  1. I like the thing that Taffer is doing this season where he teaches us a word or phrase every show. The phrase tonight was 'fiduciary responsibility'.

    I wonder what the appeal for his producers is in choosing owners who are drunks/alcoholics. It would seem that these owners are pretty unlikely to make a success of a tavern.

  2. He better learn how to pronounce fiduciary responsibility then! It is not fidiciary!

  3. I think he was pronouncing it faneticly! lol

  4. apparently all the work that john and the crew did was all for naught becouse the service was bad,i hope they took johns advice and brought in the white knight. john is right about the boat traffic, as i have lived in the chain o lakes area for over forty years

  5. The paradigmatic failing bar is likely to be (a) owned by an alcoholic or, (b) co-owned by an alcoholic who 'manages' the bar and an investor who is getting sucked dry.

  6. Anybody can mispronunciate a word. Don't go nucular on the man.

  7. When did you visit the bar? I live right next to Antioch and I was thinking about going to the lodge(the menu on the website looked pretty appealing).

  8. Those specialty drinks seemed outside the skill level of the bartenders so I'm not surprised they were dropped. I hope Lake Marie Lodge keeps the decor and furniture, even if they ditch everything else.

  9. Those 2 guys Taffer brought in to buy someone out of the business looked mobbed up.

  10. What I'm confused about is why John included "Lodge" in the name. One of his pet peeves (it seemed) over the years is that a name clearly delineates what the business is all about. I can't count the number of times he's said to his teammates "There's no indication of what this place is" he calls it a Lodge?

    I've been impressed with most of his rescue's, but this one seemed like an afterthought. It's a shame too because I live about 30 minutes away and would've paid it a visit (like my wife and I did to a couple rescues in New Orleans) but this rescue didn't move me (or my wife) at all.

    Lodge? Really?

  11. Yet another bar completely blowing the opportunity handed to them by the show. It's kind of lame that they don't really address the concerns of alcoholism on the show, when someone is in desperate need of treatment in a rehab facility.

  12. He was more of a brown knight.

  13. Yeah it's stupid to call a place a Lodge unless it has rooms to let, it just confuses the consumer. If I went to place called a Lodge and found it was just a crappy bar with poor service dressed up to look Lodge-esque, I doubt I would be back.

  14. A lodge is not synonymous with an Inn, which lets rooms. A lodge is
    also defined as a meeting place. It is also a decorating style such as
    "lodge look" or "lodge style". Maybe it isn't common for a bar to be
    called a lodge where you are from. Where I live, in a wintery
    environment, I have been to several bars that have "lodge" in the name.
    Made perfect sense to me.

  15. I want to know if the obnoxious guy us from Western Pennsylvania. He said, "jagoff." BIG TELL

  16. I just wanted to say that in that episode, the brunette bartender girl with the glasses is soooo pretty. That's all.

  17. I have a friend that is originally from South Chicago, he calls everyone a "jagoff".

  18. If you live nearby and are looking to visit places that do not need rescue, try KC's Cabin or Cuda's Bar and Grill.

  19. What is her name???

  20. I live down the road. Have never been in the place but they seem to be doing well from the outside. New "neon" sign with various messages: "Thanks, Bar Rescue :)", Thirsty Thursday specials, pizza specials. Also, the paved the parking lot and have outside seating and an outdoor "stage". Have actually thought about going in there now to check it out. Maybe between boating and snowmobile seasons.