Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bar Rescue - Osteria Calabria (Plush) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Glenside, Pennsylvania to try to rescue Plush.  The bar has supposedly gone downhill since the owner Bruno divorced his wife Shari.  Shari is now back to help Jon Taffer do recon on the bar and to help try to turn around the bar.
During the Bar Rescue makeover, Plush Nightclub was renamed to Osteria Calabria.  Since the makeover, the bar has somewhat kept the name as they refer to the bar as The OC, which is short for Osteria Calabria.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Osteria Calabria since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar:

  • "Now Osteria Calabria. Good location. Pleasant, engaging staff. Small. Good value. Has potential. Per staff statements, they are still trying to pull the pieces together after the Bar Rescue....THE FOOD IS TERRIFIC AND THE PRICES ARE REASONABLE! Clearly, our experience was a result of staff errors/confusion - that is a shame. We may return in a few months hoping that staff is more capable."
  • "I say this place doesn't last more than 6 months if they continue to have it manager and waited by people who have absolutely no idea what they are doing or the capacity to have enougj people on staff period....Also..... It had a stale smelling carpet and terrible decor with a black ceiling that looks like a nightclub or strip club."
  • "Plush was a place we would visit about once per month, usually for a Kez Theater show and it was never outstanding, but the food was decent, the orders taken correctly by a really nice staff, and the drinks were pretty good. The decor was 'funky' but appropriate. What this place needed was a 'freshen up' of their look and a menu enhancement. Then came Bar Rescue...The mural looks like a 9th grade art project which got a grade of C-. The walls are dark and with a black ceiling, it's uh... cozy...The poor wait staff looks apologetic and I feel for them. Why? Because it looks like this place is doomed...Obviously we won't be back and from other comments from other patrons.... this bar/restaurant is in big trouble."
*Reviews from Yelp, Tripadvisor,

Other News and Links:
  • Here are two preview videos on the Spike TV website.  Also, all of the videos that are normally on the website after the episode airs are already on the Spike TV website if you want to see the reveal and more videos before the episode airs..
  • Here is the Osteria Calabria Facebook Page, which is kept up-to-date.
  • Here is the Osteria Calabria website and their food and drink menu.
  • Here are the Facebook pages of Shari (Bruno's Ex-wife), Chris (bartender), and Lisa (bartender).
  • In this post on Facebook, Osteria Calabria said that they did not apply to be on Bar Rescue, but that Bar Rescue called them to see if they wanted to be on the show.
  • The reviews before the makeover were not too bad.
  • Osteria Calabria thanked Bar Rescue and Jon Taffer for the makeover and new concept/look right before the reveal (Link).
  • Osteria Calabria covered up the mural on the wall and posted a message on their Facebook saying, "No more giant penis on the back wall!!!"  Below is the mural after Bar Rescue (left) and what it currently looks like (right).
  • In October, the bar removed the marble tile bar top installed by Bar Rescue and went back to their old bar top with coins, bottle caps, etc.  A Facebook picture of their bar top said, "Welcome back old friend.."
  • The bar was referring to itself as The O.C. after the makeover, and they actually removed the sign installed by Bar Rescue (pictured below left) and created a new logo which says The OC. Bar + Bistro (right):

The reviews of Osteria Calabria are mixed since the Bar Rescue makeover and there were multiple complaints about the interior (mural, dark colors). The bar has rebranded as The OC Bar + Bistro, which somewhat keeps the name installed by Bar Rescue.

The reviews of Plush before the makeover were not that bad and the bar said that they actually didn't apply to be on the show, but Bar Rescue called them.  I guess a free makeover and publicity was enough for the owners to agree to be on the show.  Since the makeover, they have removed the bar top installed by Bar Rescue and have covered up the mural.  I am sure the other features such as the  POS system and new tap lines remain.

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  1. any update on the girl that did the pole dance in the bar?!

  2. This was definitely the first time I thought the new name and front signage were absolutely terrible. The new sign and name is much better.

  3. Yeah, it looked more like an Italian restaurant sign, even though it said BAR in small letters underneath the name. But at least it was colorful. Too bad they went back to drab, uninviting colors on the new sign. I also don't blame them for covering over the mural; again, it screamed "Italian restaurant". But I think bringing back that disgusting bar top in place of the gorgeous new marble top was a big mistake and a step backwards.

  4. Besides the food this place still sucked...we went there before a Keswick Theatre show we saw an empty table went to sit only to be stopped saying that all their tables were reserved...really what bar/bistro or whatever they r now reserves tables....anyway we stood at the crowded bar still waiting for a drink for over 15 min and still watching after 45 min these do called reserved tables still empty....we were finally able to get ONE seat at the bar after almost an hour only to over hear the bartenders verbalize they have no clue what is happening and orders of food coming to the bar that they had no idea the midst of it the one bartender removes her shirt and is a tank top and trust me it was not an attractive site her boobs were hanging out as well as her took 30min to get our appetizers af5er we irdered and when we were ready for another drink they just kept passing by flustered. wonder why there is a for sale sign on there billboard....

  5. The sign placed by Bar Rescue seemed to me to be more of a restaurant sign than a bar sign. The replacement sign makes it clear that the establishment is primarily a bar.

    Looking at the exterior shingles, if it were my bar I would be scheduling their replacement. They look to be in very bad shape, and unlikely to hold the paint, and if my impression is correct the place will quickly look shabby as the paint comes off and they continue to rot.

    I didn't care for the mural, but I don't share the bar owner's apparent passion for three-dimensional tiles.

  6. After the last few episodes of this show, I can't help but wonder if they have had their budget cut. This make-over in particular just looked super tacky, and the signage was no real improvement, the crappy mural on the wall, the cheesy wooden facades on the wall... they just made the place look like a tacky Italian restaurant. Show is slipping, imo.

  7. That sounds...gross.

  8. Looks like Lisa left. Smart move.

  9. Wait they were crowded?! That a shocker I been taking mistresses to plush or whatever they're call for years now. And I never seen more then 20 in the small bar. Not even on a summer Saturday night

  10. That was covered up. It is shown where it is on the show., Looks like part of a pillar now.

  11. Opps, misread the question. sorry..

  12. I'm confused as to why so many ppl get a free renovation an then go back to the failure they had before. An to all these ppl who comment acting like they are Jon taffeta who makes millions of dollars doing what he does and then all u act like ur Makin millions to say Oh his concept don't work. When u make millions saving bars then u can give ur 2 cents . If I was a owner with a failing business asking for help and the concept works an when they leave an I'm making more money than before I'm all business an I'll make that money. It's all bout the benjamins. I don't give 0 fuckz about my ego. Like 90% of these ppl that come on the show. If it works it wieks. An yall have no reason to scrutinize his changes and his concepts when he makes millions an yall sit at home not making millions.