Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Campbell's Irish Pub (Packy's) From Bar Rescue Has Closed

Campbell's Irish Pub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which was featured on season 4 of Bar Rescue has closed.  The bar closed in April 2022 after the owners were able to sell the building.  The bar was listed for sale for about 5 years and eventually sold in April 2022 for $325,000.  According to a local article, the building will most likely not be another bar as the new owner owns a landscaping business. 

Right after closing, Campbell's Irish Pub posted the following message on their Facebook page, "Twenty two years... What can I say except thank you to all of the staff, customers and clients who became family, to everyone supporting us through ups and downs, and to you, my husband, for allowing us the life to raise three amazing children with the flexibility to work some crazy hours, hosting fundraisers for friends and causes, helping people out who needed a second chance, and the many teams you've sponsored and events hosted... So many wonderful amazing memories!! Some of the best memories were made this past month with the support from all of you!! I love you Packy and look forward to what happens next!! Partner in life and love!"

Campbell's Irish Pub appeared on season 4 of Bar Rescue and the makeover was done in October 2014.  The episode aired in December 2014 and the bar was renamed from Packy's Pub to Campbell's Irish Pub (link to detailed update).  The bar was put up for sale about three years after the Bar Rescue makeover and finally sold about 8 years after the makeover.  Campbell's Irish Pub was in operation for 22 years before closing. Campbell's Irish Pub is now marked as 'Closed' on the Bar Rescue Updates page. 

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