Monday, March 7, 2022

Libad's Bar & Grill (Libad's Seaside Tavern) From Bar Rescue Has Closed

Libad's Bar & Grill in New Bedford, Massachusetts which appeared on season 3 of Bar Rescue has closed.  The bar is listed as closed on all review sites and they have not posted on their Facebook page since 2019. 

Libad's was listed for sale in February 2021 and here is the real estate listing that had the following description, "South End bar/restaurant on Clarks Point in New Bedford. Chosen to be a location filmed for the movie "Jungleland". Some items filmed will be sold with business and real estate. Full liquor license, stock and inventory to pass with sale. Handicap accessible, off street parking with back lot. The bar was on spike TV's bar rescue... episode "a bar full of bull". Net operating income see Agent."

The bar took about a year to sell and sold for $315,000 in January 2022. 

Libad's Bar & Grill was slightly renamed to Libad's Seaside Tavern during their Bar Rescue episode, but they went back to their original name.  The online reviews for the bar were actually pretty good and they stayed open well after their Bar Rescue appearance in 2013.  Libad's Bar & Grill has been marked as 'Closed' on the Bar Rescue Updates page

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