Sunday, September 20, 2020

Bar Rescue - The Dirty Truth

Tonight is the premiere of Bar Rescue - The Dirty Truth where the show is adding text pop-ups to older episodes that will tell you additional things about the rescue. Usually this time of year there is a new season of Bar Rescue, but due to the pandemic, there were only two new episodes that had already been filmed earlier in the year. The show has not filmed since March 2020, so it will be a bit longer before we see new bars on the show.

Bar Rescue - The Dirty Truth is basically a way for Bar Rescue to have "new" episodes while they are unable to film. It would be hard to film with the usual concept of packing the bar for a stress test, so when they start filming again we will have to see if anything changes.

If any new details about a bar are revealed during Bar Rescue - The Dirty Truth, I will update the original post for that bar. Let me know what you think of Bar Rescue - The Dirty Truth in the comments.

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