Sunday, February 23, 2020

Blacklight District Lounge From Bar Rescue Is Closed

Blacklight District Lounge in Long Beach, California from season 6 (4th set) of Bar Rescue is closed.  I thought I already did an update on this closure, but apparently not.

Blacklight District Lounge closed in July 2018 and left a message to Bar Rescue fans on Facebook that said, "If you're a bar rescue fan And are on here to bash a bar you Have never been too then Screw off This bar supports live music of all kinds Which is a dead scene and bars like this keep punk, ska, reggae..metal don't believe a show that called us and put words in our mouth and then tries to charge us , this bar was going to be changed into a hipster bar with high end drinks and that is not us... if you support music in anyway you should realize that bars like this aren't made for everyone .thanks"

Blacklight District was one of the most infamous Bar Rescue episodes because it was one of the few that Jon Taffer walked out on without rescuing.  After the episode aired, the bar was bashed on review sites and on its Facebook page by Bar Rescue fans.  Owner David Franich responded to a lot of the comments and continued to respond to Bar Rescue fans on the Blacklight District Lounge Facebook well after the episode aired.

Here is the full update from when the episode originally aired and the bar has been marked as 'Closed' on the Bar Rescue Updates page.  This bar will not count against Jon Taffer's statistics on the updates page as it was a bar that was not rescued. 

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