Sunday, July 21, 2019

Bar Rescue - The Stampede Saloon (Whiskey Girl Saloon) Update

On this week's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Fort Worth, Texas to rescue Whiskey Girl Saloon. Whiskey Girl is co-owned by "big time bar-persona" Rick Roundhouse and Jon Taffer needs to convince him that he is the reason why the bar is failing.  The bar is supposedly losing $6,000 a month and they are only open two days a week and do not have a kitchen.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Jon Taffer decided to change the name of Whiskey Girl Saloon to The Stampede Saloon and the bar has kept the name, however they have already closed. Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for The Stampede Saloon since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar (All reviews are post-Bar Rescue):


No reviews for The Stampede Saloon since the Bar Rescue makeover besides a few on Facebook.

Other News and Links:

  • The Bar Rescue makeover for Whiskey Girl Saloon happened in March 2019
  • Here is a 4-minute preview video of the episode from the Paramount YouTube page.
  • Here is The Stampede Saloon Facebook page.
  • Here are the Facebook pages of Rick Roundhouse (co-owner), Fred (co-owner), Kym (bartender), Stephanie (bartender), Jeremy (manager).
  • On July 2nd, The Stampede Saloon posted on their Facebook page, "Effective July 2, 2019 The Stampede Saloon has officially closed." (Link)
    • The closing seemed abrupt and someone from a band scheduled to perform at the bar was upset that they weren't notified.
  • Someone affiliated with The Stampede Saloon (Jeremy) said, "I really appreciate everyone’s concern on why this happened, and the personal texts and phone calls. This was a business decision made by the ownership, therefore that is where I’ll leave it, if you want to know more contact them please."  So, it seems the owners decided to shut the bar down.
  • The state of Texas has a database of gross bar receipts and The Stampede Saloon had the following amounts reported - March 2019 - $17,600, April - $16,512, May - $12,496.  So according to this, business decreased since the Bar Rescue makeover.


Whiskey Girl Saloon was renamed to The Stampede Saloon by Bar Rescue and the bar did keep the name.  There were no reviews for the bar after the Bar Rescue visit and the bar closed in early July 2019, just a few months after the Bar Rescue makeover.  The Stampede Saloon closed just a few weeks before their Bar Rescue episode aired, so they didn't get a chance to see if that would cause any type of boost in sales.  According to the Texas gross bar receipts, sales decreased at The Stampede Saloon after Bar Rescue visited.

UPDATE - The Stampede Saloon opened up again a week after the Bar Rescue episode aired and it looks like Rick Roundhouse is still involved with the bar. (Link)

UPDATE - The Stampede Saloon closed for good in late 2021. (More information on the closure)

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