Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Rack's Billiards and Bourbon (Angel's Sports Bar) From Bar Rescue (Already Closed) Caught Fire

The building which held Rack's Billiards and Bourbon from season 1 of Bar Rescue had a large fire last night which badly damaged the building.  The Corona, California bar and gentleman's club was originally named Angel's Sports Bar and Jon Taffer renamed it to Rack's Billiards and Bourbon on the show.  The bar eventually changed their name from Rack's Billiards and Bourbon to Bar 1650 and they closed in 2018.

Since the bar closed in 2018, the building has remained vacant and last night there was a four-alarm fire that caused a lot of damage.  The Corona fire department provided updates about the fire which was eventually put out and one firefighter received a minor burn injury.  A picture of the building while the fire was being extinguished is below.

Renee Vicary, who was the owner of Rack's Billiards and Bourbon also owns other bars which still remain open.  Renee got in trouble after Bar Rescue in 2012 and was charged with tax evasion and workman's comp issues.  Renee later plead no contest and avoided any jail time.

In 2015, a man was fatally stabbed outside Rack's Billiards and Bourbon and the suspect in that case was later found guilty and sentenced to 37 years to life in prison. 

*To see the status of all bars that have appeared on Bar Rescue, visit our Bar Rescue Updates page.

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