Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Summit House Grill and Tap From Bar Rescue Has Closed

Summit House Grill and Tap in Lakewood, Colorado, which appeared on season 5 (2nd set) of Bar Rescue has closed.  Summit House appeared on Bar Rescue in February 2017 and they closed around July of 2018.

The Summit House website no longer works and the bar has been marked as closed on Yelp.  A July 2018 review on Yelp said the bar closed for renovations, so I waited a bit to see if they would reopen, but it looks like they will not.  Owners Josh and Alexia Lubliner also owned another restaurant which closed about a year earlier in September 2017.

While trying to find reasons why Summit House Grill and Tap closed, I found a Denver Business Journal link to a court case against Josh Lubliner filed in September 2018.  Here are the case details from the site, "Denver West Village LP vs. Summit House Inc./Josh Lubliner/Calvin Investments Inc. et al., money, case #18CV31475, 09/14/18."  Also, at that link it says that that Josh and Alexia Lubliner sold their home for $750,000.

Denver West Village LP owns the mall area where Summit House Grill and Tap was located.  So, it appears the reason for closing may have been because of money owed to the landlord.

Summit House Grill and Tap has been marked as 'Closed' on the Bar Rescue Updates Page and here is the original update done for the episode.

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