Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bar Rescue - Puerto Rico El K'rajo Beach Bar Update

On this week's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Puerto Rico for a special episode where they help El K'rajo Beach Bar rebuild after Hurricane Maria.  Janet and Victor are the owners of the bar and after the hurricane hit, they found their bar without a roof and filled with six feet of sand.  Jon has plenty of help with celebrities such as Bethenny Frankel, Mark Cuban, Jose Barrea, Luis Guzm├ín, Chef Jose Enrique, and Bernie Williams. 

Besides rebuilding the bar, everyone helps rebuild the local community center in Loiza, Puerto Rico, including the basketball courts and baseball field.  As this is a special episode, this will not be a normal Bar Rescue update, but I will provide info about El K'rajo Beach Bar and other related links.

  • Here is the El K'rajo Facebook page and their website
  • The bar has very positive reviews on Facebook. (Link)
  • Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, and the bar reopened in April 2018. (Link)
  • Refinery29 did a long write-up about El K'rajo and the Bar Rescue episode and here is some info from that article:
    • El K'rajo was doing their best to fix up the bar and then in March 2018 a northeaster on the east coast caused storm surge in Puerto Rico and the bar and all of their equipment was damaged once again.
    • Janet and Victor were out of money and also about to lose their house, but Bar Rescue called them and told them Jon Taffer was interested in helping.
    • Janet and Victor feel lucky that El K'rajo was saved and happy that the community was helped as well.
  • Janet and Victor said that if Bar Rescue didn't come, they would have closed El K'rajo and left Puerto Rico since they had no more funds. (Link)
  • Jon Taffer said it took about 5 weeks to plan and get the crew together to Puerto Rico.  He said there are also a lot of stray dogs (which are treated well by everybody on the island) and that the power went out 3 times while they were there. (Link)
  • Some of the sponsors that helped out on this episode include Bacardi, Spirit Airlines (provided flights), and Home Depot (construction materials and support). (Link)
  • Jon Taffer is hosting a live watch party and taping a podcast during the episode at Flappers Comedy Club in California. All proceeds of the night are going to the UNIDOS Disaster Relief & Recovery Program. (Link)
  • Here is a link to donate to the UNIDOS Disaster Relief & Recovery Program.

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