Thursday, July 20, 2017

Aging Room At Cirivello's From Bar Rescue Has Closed

The Aging Room at Cirivello's in Long Beach, California, which appeared on season 4 (5th set) of Bar Rescue has closed.  There isn't much information as to why the bar closed because they aren't too active on social media, but it appears Cirivello's closed in early July 2017.

A July 14th post on Cirivello's Facebook page by a customer says, "It is really a shame this place never could get its shit together. They've lost their liquor license now and it has been closed for several weeks. Given the people involved, I doubt it ever re-opens."  There was also a post by someone else on July 7th wondering why they were closed.

People who were scheduled to perform at the bar confirmed the bar was closed and their shows were cancelled:
  • A July 6th show was cancelled (Link)
  • A July 10th show was cancelled, and the performer posted on July 7th, "I am very sorry to say that for now Cirivello's is closed until further notice! So obviously no Thursday night blues and very sadly no Monday Night Jam. We will keep you posted and let's hope they open soon! Thank you very much for all your support!!"
    • He posted again on July 10th stating, "So to update everyone on the status of Cirivello's. They are closed until further notice. It's anyone's guess as to whether they will reopen or not." 
  • A July 20th performance was cancelled (Link)

Also the liquor license for the address of Cirivello's is in the status "Surrendered" (Link).  There is a different name listed on the liquor license and it appears the owners are different from the ones that appeared on Bar Rescue.  Someone who performs at the bar said there are license transfer issues when asked about why they were closed.(Link)

The Aging Room at Cirivello's has been marked as closed on the Bar Rescue Updates Page.  If you are curious, here was the original update for the bar.

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