Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oasis Hookah Lounge (Taza Nightclub) From Bar Rescue Has Closed

Oasis Hookah Lounge (Taza Nightclub), which appeared on Bar Rescue in April of 2014 has closed. The bar was renamed to Taza Nightclub, but they changed their name back to Oasis Hookah Lounge in 2016.

The bar posted the following message on their Facebook Page after closing on February 5, 2017:
"Omaha, it has been a fun 6 1/2 years. Thank you for all the support over that time, thru all the ups and downs. Thank you to all the staff that has worked here and busted their ass for this place. Thank you to all the DJs that kept the party going every weekend and kept you moving. And finally thank you to you, the loyal Hookah Heads that have been puff, puff, passing it with us since July 16th, 2010.
We will genuinely miss you and we just hope we made a few fun memories for you all.
So goodbye for now and See You in the Smoke!!!!"

Taza/Oasis has had some issues with disturbances at the bar and had to report to Omaha City Council multiple times about their liquor license (more details in original post).  This was part of the reason that the nightclub theme was dropped and they went back to the hookah/lounge theme.  In December 2016, Omaha City Council stripped Oasis Hookah Lounge of their liquor license citing 911 calls over the years. Oasis could have appealed to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, which it appears they did.  I am not sure if Oasis is closing due to a failed appeal or if Jesse decided to close the bar on his own.

Oasis Hookah Lounge has now been marked as Closed on the Bar Rescue Update Page.

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