Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bar Rescue - Garrison Tavern (Brickhouse Bar & Grill) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Colorado Springs, Colorado to try to rescue Brickhouse Bar & Grill. Brickhouse Bar & Grill is owned by Jon Nicholls and his excess drinking is causing conflicts with his staff.  He is hooking up with one of the bartenders, but he also flirts with the customers which is causing drama.  The bar is supposedly $300,000 in debt and a few months from closing.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Jon Taffer decided to change the name of Brickhouse Bar & Grill to Garrison Tavern and the bar has kept the name, however it is listed for sale.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Garrison Tavern since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar (All reviews are post-Bar Rescue):

Positive Reviews:
  • "New food and barstaff are amazing. The philly rolls are to die for.. had a great time and cant wait for another night like that again"
  • "Great Tavern, good beer, and love the dart boards, will be coming back for sure."
  • "Absolutely hometown Small town feel... with a big city kick..... great food, great people, great atmosphere and the cheapest draft prices ive seen.."
  • "I had a great time, the staff treated everyone in a friendly manner, it was a pleasure to actually sit and relax while meeting new people who treated me like we've known each other our entire lives. It was great to be able to round my evening off with a fantastic meal, yes yes I will be back."
  • "this place is perfect for everyone the owner is the nicest guy and the people behind the bar are the cherry on top"
Negative Reviews:
  • "This place is horrible even after a "bar rescue". The bartenders are super slow and the food is a joke."
*Reviews from Facebook, Google

Other News and Links:

  • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in late July/early August 2016.
  • Here are two preview videos of the episode from the Spike TV website - Video 1, Video 2.
  • Here is the Garrison Tavern Facebook Page and their profile picture is the Bar Rescue logo.
  • Here are the Facebook pages of Jon (owner), Nicoll (bartender), and Rita (bartender).
  • The bar was listed for sale within a week after Bar Rescue finished their makeover.  It is still listed for sale on Loopnet for $148,000.  The description states, "3580 sqft Bar & Grill with full Kitchen. Will be featured on Hit T.V show BAR RESCUE in 2016! Great location downtown Colorado Springs Colorado! Recently Remodeled. Great location downtown Colorado Springs Colorado. Revitalization project going on with 200+ apartment units going up around us!"
  • The bar also is listed for sale on Craigslist for $159,000 with the description, "Colorado Springs Downtown Bar & Grill with TAVERN Liquor License for sale in Growing neighborhood right next door to the BLUE DOT Place! There will be high end apartments opening in the next couple of months next door and more coming across the street by next year. City has approved a revitalization plan for our block and will be adding new side walks, trees, shrubs, bike racks and best of all room for outdoor patio seating in front of the building. approximately 4000 sqft of bar upstairs, 1276 sqft basement with two walk in coolers; full kitchen, billiards room, basement, outdoor patio area and parking. Unfinished basement and roof top are excellent areas for expansion!"
  • A local blog had a post after the makeover and had some positive things to say but said the basement and back billiards area were untouched by Bar Rescue
  • In a recent interview on Afterbuzz TV, Jon Taffer said that owner Jon gave him something at the end of the episode that moved him to tears, but didn't reveal what it was.


The bar kept the name of Garrison Tavern, but right after the makeover they listed the bar for sale. Garrison Tavern has mostly positive reviews although most are on Facebook where reviews tend to be positive. With the bar going up for sale so quickly, they either used Bar Rescue for a makeover with hopes of selling it or Bar Rescue recommended they put it up for sale. We will see if the update at the end of the show says the bar is up for sale.

UPDATE - Garrison Tavern closed in late July 2017 - More info on closure.

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