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Bar Rescue - Proving Ground Bar & Grill (The Hooch) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Dearborn Heights, Michigan to try to rescue The Hooch Bar & Grill.  The bar's owner Chandra is foul-mouthed and degrades her bartenders to the point that Jon declares her the most unlikeable person he has seen.  She is also losing about $4,500 a month due to the bar struggling and Jon threatens to not rescue the bar unless Chandra respects her staff.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, The Hooch Bar & Grill was renamed to Proving Ground Bar & Grill, and they have kept the new bar name.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Proving Ground Bar & Grill since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar (All reviews are post-Bar Rescue):

  • Great neighborhood sports bar!...We stepped in and instantly felt a comfortable neighborhood bar vibe. Lots of TV's all over to keep on top of your favorite sports teams. The staff was very polite, even the bartenders on the other end of the bar (whose section we didnt sit in) said " Hi"...But my friends and I enjoyed the place so I have no doubt we will be back! Keep up the good work Proving Ground!
  • "Came here on the first night it was open for the bar rescue "relaunch". The drinks are pretty good, although very expensive. I tried the prove it which was like drinking siriacha water. Seriously. Also tried the 6th gear which was STRONG. The gravy and cheese tots are on point though.  3/5 because I can't base my review on a night they SLAMMED the bar for filming. Will return soon to give a better review."
  • "Stopped in for an after dinner drink and to see the remodel after bar rescue. It was a Saturday evening and they weren't busy at all. Which is normally a pretty bad sign...Ordered a vodka soda and a beer. The vodka soda tasted exactly like soda water no vodka at all. Waitress never came back over to see if we needed or wanted another round of drinks. Had to walk up to the bar to get our tab after waiting for over 15 minutes with no new drinks. Rating 2 stars only because it was brighter inside than before and didn't try any of the food items."
  • "So i stopped in on the official first night it was open, and under extreme stress the bartender cyn stepped up to the challenge and made me 3 drinks in a good time facing an extreme challenge, the new interior is top notch, it's a great bar!"

*Reviews from Yelp

Other News and Links:
  • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in late August 2015.
  • Here is a preview video of the episode on the Spike TV website.
  • Here is the Proving Ground Bar & Grill Facebook Page, which is kept up-to-date.  They are also having a viewing party tonight for the episode.  Reading through their posts, they seem happy that  Bar Rescue came and are advertising drinks made by Lisa Marie and food by Chef Keith.
  • Here is the Proving Ground website, which is just a menu of drinks and food.
  • Here are some reviews for The Hooch before the makeover which are pretty negative and one speaks of the place becoming like a strip club late at night.  One review speaks of a shot girl making out with multiple guys and three guys sticking their fingers "you know where" in front of everyone. (Link
  • Here is a Hooch Facebook Page where people check in and post pictures. 
  • A sign outside the bar says "new staff and new management." (Link


The bar has kept the name Proving Ground Bar & Grill and the reviews of the bar are definitely more positive than before the Bar Rescue makeover.  It seems like Jon Taffer tried to clean the reputation of the bar up, and the bar is following his direction as the stripping has supposedly stopped and they are boasting "new staff and new management."

UPDATE - The bar is deleting some of the negative comments on their Facebook page, which is angering a lot of people.

UPDATE - Cynthia posted on Facebook why she quit. "I quit because Chandra hired a new girl and gave her my best shift without talking to me first. I was the day bartender so to lose a Saturday shift hurt financially. And Amanda is right I hardly go up there anymore because not only am I a mom but I'm a full time college student with a full time job. None of us act like that in real life. Yeah Chandra is a bitch but they amplified everything for good tv. I expected these types of reactions from fans and it's sad you'd base your opinion on a reality tv show"

Regarding the new management, the bar says, "Adrienne and Amanda are actively managing the bar. Chandra is not at the bar or involved in the operations. She was there strictly for the show and the drama."

The bar also confirmed that is for sale and it was for sale before the show came. (Link).  This is apparently the listing on Craigslist advertising the bar for sale.

UPDATE 11/18 - Owner Chandra was on the attack for people leaving one-star reviews of the bar on Facebook.  For people that left a 1-star review of the bar, Chandra was clicking on their profile to find out where they worked, then leaving a negative review on that business page complaining about the person.  The bar later posted an apology to some of the people, which said:  "Proving ground bar owner Chandra would like to apologize formally and publicly to sarahh and kyle for our review of your nail salon. It was an immature move on our part to get mad over all of the fake 1 star reviews. We did not realize that yours was not one of the fake reviews. And we are sorry."

UPDATE - The Proving Ground Facebook page has been taken down for now by the owners due to 1 star reviews and negative comments.   The above links will not work unless they restore the page.

UPDATE 2/2016 - The bar is currently listed For Sale.

UPDATE 6/2016 - Proving Ground/The Hooch has closed - More information on the closure including Chandra's comments about the show.

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