Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bar Rescue - Over Easy Bar & Breakfast (Six Point Inn) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Portland, Oregon to try to rescue Six Point Inn.  The bar was once making $30,000 a month, but owner Oleg focused on opening other businesses, which put his inexperienced step-daughter Sunny in control of the bar.  They are now supposedly $1 million in debt and Oleg and Sunny need help with both their bar and their relationship.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Six Point Inn was renamed to Over Easy Bar & Breakfast.  It appears the bar has kept the name given to them by Bar Rescue.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Over Easy Bar & Breakfast since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar:

  • "The bar has recently been remodeled and looks great. Tasty food with descent prices. The bloody marys are made from scratch and are very good. Breakfast served all day which is yummy. Our waitress was very friendly. Definitely go back again!"
  • "Restaurants without windows have always been a big turn off for me.  So we had never been inside.  As we began to see improvements to the outside, new name and sign stating they had great breakfast, we decided to give it a try.    It's very nice and clean on the inside.   My husband's chicken fried steak was delicious.   My 2 egg breakfast was great.    The service was friendly.    We are going back to try happy hour next.       My only complaints would be that the back door off the kitchen was propped wide open and had no screen that would keep flies from coming in.  It's also unpleasant to pull up to a place to see staff standing only a few feet from that back door, smoking."
  • "Don't let Anna make drinks for you buy beer! For the love off god drink beer she can't screw that up!"
*Reviews from Yelp

Other News and Links:
Photo - Facebook
  • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in April 2015.
  • Here are two preview videos of the episode from the Spike TV website -Video 1-IntroVideo 2
  • Here is the Over Easy Bar & Breakfast Facebook Page, and here is the old Six Point Grill Facebook Page which advertises for Over Easy.
  • Here is the Over Easy website and their menu which has a few food items and cocktails.   Here is a screenshot of a menu that is more detailed.
  • A photo of the new sign is pictured above.
  • Here are the Yelp reviews of Six Point Inn before the makeover, which aren't too bad. 
  • Here is a blog post from someone who was at the grand opening which has a few pictures.
  • Here is the Facebook page of Sunny *says Olya, but I am pretty sure it's her and Sal (cook).
  • Over Easy Bar is having a watch party which says "Sal takes on Chef Pink."  Also, during the makeover Sal posted a photo of two biscuits that said, "Can you pick which biscuit is from Chef Pink from Bar Rescue.."  which basically made fun of Chef Pink's biscuit for not rising as much as his.


The bar has kept the name and changes installed by Bar Rescue and still goes by the name of Over Easy Bar & Breakfast.  The few reviews about the bar were mainly positive, despite one complaint about a bartender.  The reviews before the makeover were also pretty positive.  Also, if you are wondering, Sal went back to his old gravy recipe.

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  1. Something isn't right about this episode.

    1. If the owners are $1million in debt on this bar alone, how can they be building two other bars and expect anything? Assuming that this bar makes more than enough of a profit at about $10,000 per month, it would take at least close to 10 years to pay it all down and that's not counting interest.

    2. What happened to inspecting and asking for the bar and kitchen to be cleaned up?

    PS, when I watch the older episodes before the latest one every Sunday, I find them to be better than the latest. Is it just me or is this normal?

    PPS: Spike no longer hosts full episodes of Bar Rescue Season 1 on their site unless I missed something. Gawd, I miss the older episodes that are far better than the more recent ones. :(

  2. U r soooo right. Not impressed with the new Bar Rescue

  3. The new season has not been good at all. Why does it take being a million dollars in debt before these people get rewarded?

  4. Instead of tearing down that awful siding, just paint it crap-brown.

  5. I was thinking that Jon hasn't bawled out a filthy kitchen in what seems like a very long time.

    What ever happened to holding up a piece of rotting food and screaming "This is your future!" ?

  6. There was so much in this episode that seemed sketchy. All that debt yet he's building more bars and a house? The whole concept of a breakfast and bar place is weird to me, but maybe that's the kind of thing that works there.

  7. Keeping the new name is a no-brainer in this case. The old name and sickly color were death for the business. Over Easy is a great name for a bar OR a breakfast place. One of Jon's better concepts--simple but powerful

  8. Don't forget the LA Brewing Company. They said the were in 1 mil.

  9. I was thinking exactly the same thing about the million dollar debt for this place alone, let alone the other two places. Plus, frankly for a million dollar debt, I would have expected a far snazzier place. Heck, it seriously needed a paint job externally. I think a forensic accountant might have been a useful addition to the team on this makeover as I seriously question where that money went.

  10. I don't recall a claim that the bar was $1 million in debt. What I recall was that the owner had put approximately $1 million into the bar. I suspect that the number includes the cost of the building, approx. $650,000. If the bar was purchased as a going concern, with the name and equipment in place, between the building and the cost of the business you're most of the way to that $1mm figure.

    I suspect that we didn't hear, "Clean up this bar!" or "Clean up this kitchen!" was because, despite all of the other problems the bar was reportedly having, they were sufficiently clean.

  11. Residing the building -- even better, creating a new facade for the building -- would have been a much more complicated project, and would almost certainly have exceeded the time allotted to renovation even if we assume that no problems would have been discovered during the renovation. It also may have been a problem for tenants, given that there appear to be residential apartments over the bar. And let's just say, paint is a lot cheaper.

    If the owner decides to refurbish the exterior of the building, he's well-positioned to do so even without Bar Rescue's help.

  12. I recall some yelling over a charred burger patty.

  13. I understand it's not an easy task, but that's not my problem. If their job is to get lots of people in the door, they have most-likely failed. The network can afford it (price-wise and time-wise). They could have, at least, chosen a better color (but, let me guess: brown is cheaper). I wouldn't step foot into that ugly building. Don't call your show "Bar Rescue" if you're gonna half-ass it.

  14. I find Jon's White Knighting the most annoying aspect that has grown worse over the seasons.

  15. The show has never promised to put a billion dollars into every dive bar it rescues. The parameters of what the show will do aren't exactly a secret, this many seasons in.

  16. I didn't realize that fixing the exterior would cost a billion dollars. In fact, they may have been able to get it done for free, in exchange for promotional consideration. The parameters of what the show will do were a secret until this website revealed otherwise. In the past, it was supposed to be a secret that they only work on stuff that is visible within camera range. They have been exposed. Now, it seems that even Bar Rescue doesn't care if we see the parts they don't fix.

  17. If you didn't recognize that as obvious hyperbole, there's not much point in trying to have a discussion with you. If you did, you're not being honest in your response. Either way....

  18. Hyperbole doesn't win arguments.

  19. Living in Oregon and have lived in Portland I can add a few things; which I'm not sure if its mentioned at all in this episode. Note: haven't watched it, yet. This place is located in North Portland, near Columbia Blvd. That's an area with mostly warehouses, industrial and light industrial and near the freeway (I5). There's probably some other blue collar bars out there - or more due to recent gentrification. As for this being a bar/breakfast joint, that's nothing new or special in Oregon. To get a liquor license in this state, you also gotta serve food. Your kitchen has to stay open as long as you're serving alcohol. So, we're use to having kitchens open (at least five dishes, I think) and hate traveling to other states that doesn't have this. It sucks to walk into a bar/restaurant at 9PM and be told the kitchen closed at 8PM. Oh, found the brief/bullet marked list of food requirements from the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission - the goons who run the state's liquor licensing)

    Here it is:

    A business not open after 5:00 pm must have a regular meal period of at least 2 hours.

    A business open after 5:00 pm must have a regular meal period of at least 3 hours after 5:00 pm.

    All businesses must offer at least 5 different meals during the regular meal period.

    All business must, at all times other than the regular meal period, offer at least 5 different substantial food items in all areas where alcohol service is available.

    “Meal” means a substantial food item offered together with at least one side dish or a substantial food item with two or more side dishes available to order separately.

    “Substantial food item” means food items prepared or cooked on the licensed premises and that are typically served as a main course or entrĂ©e. Some examples are: fish; steak; chicken; pasta; pizza; sandwiches; dinner salads; hot dogs; soup; and sausages. Side dishes, appetizer items, dessert items, and snack items such as popcorn, peanuts, chips, and crackers do not qualify as substantial food items.

    “Side dishes” include vegetables, fruit, salad, rice, French fries, and bread.

    “Different” means substantial food items that the OLCC determines differ in their primary ingredients or method of preparation. Different sizes of the same item are not considered different.

    Must have a food preparation area and equipment on the licensed premises adequate to meet the food service requirements.

  20. Sorry if you feel like you lost, or that this was an argument, but if that's your impression you need to reflect on your failure to apply basic logic to this discussion and your lack of even a rudimentary understanding of how the show works.

  21. What makes you think I feel I lost. You are the one spouting hyperbole to prove your point -- which has nothing to do with "basic logic". And, I am using the word "argument" in the same way a lawyer would "argue" a case. I do understand how TV shows work. They get a lot of free stuff in exchange for promotional consideration. They also make money off of the TV show, itself.

  22. I had mistaken that episode as being a part of this season given the similarities. Thanks for the correction.

  23. I inferred that you felt you lost the argument by the fact that you dropped any pretense that you were discussing the issues. I personally wasn't aware that there was any sort of "argument" until you digressed into your complaints.

    You have convinced me that you have a giant chip on your shoulder, for whatever that's worth.

  24. It's funny. Everything you attribute to me applies to you. Feel free to give examples of where I dropped any pretense of discussing the issues. You are the one who decided to use hyperbole to make an argument. And, again, you clearly need to improve your vocabulary. I suggest getting a dictionary and looking up the word "argument." I have not made any complaints at all. I merely replied to your "complaints", Chip (aka "the one who feels he knows more than I").

  25. Wow sounds complicated! At least it explains the bar/breakfast thing. Thanks for that!