Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bar Rescue - The Lister (Park 77) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in San Francisco, California to try to rescue Park 77.  The bar is co-owned by two brothers Tano and Wayne and two of Wayne's sons Tommy and Angelo.  Angelo is a manager and his actions and decisions have been negatively impacting the bar and the bar is supposedly $188,000 in debt.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Park 77 was renamed to The Lister and it seems they have kept the name. Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for The Lister since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar:

Positive Reviews:
  • "If you ever are looking for cheap drinks and a great time you should definitely check out the Lister Bar! It's the only bar around with a hookah lounge and lots of college students come through since it's right next to SF State. This is my stop whenever I come up to the city now!"

Negative Reviews:
  • "It's okay. I don't understand this whole "Bar Rescue". I liked Park 77 before. This bar tries to be fancy but fails big time. The only thing that is saving it is the price of the drinks. The new pictures are creepy. I miss the old pin up girls. They are better to look at than someone's face in memes."
  • "Walking in, nothing really caught my eye. There seemed to be a few more tables to sit at (sadly the beer pong tables were gone) and some new (kinda creepy) artwork on the wall but other than that nothing really different from when I was there pre-remodel. I sat at the bar and asked the bartender for a grasshopper (I was feeling adventurous but couldn't locate any "signature cocktail" or even a drink menu). I was told that he didn't know the recipe but would look it up and see if he had the ingredients"
  • "The space seems cleaner, and I like the seating arrangement, but that's where the positive review ends.  The bartender didn't know the name of the wine she served me (isn't it on the label?).  And despite there being several TVs (all tuned to sporting events), the bartender would not turn off the lame music videos that were on the large screen and turn on the volume for the game (was told it was bar policy to only turn on the volume for games during playoffs).  Finally, there are creepy photo shopped versions of famous paintings and pictures all over the place with a guy in glasses inserted where the original subject would be.  What!!!"
  • "This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with bar service.  The bartender was to drunk to remember a simple order, she forgot what she was doing a few times.  Took forever to get a drink even with just a few people at the bar.  And when I tried to close my tab I had to wait for about 15 minutes at an empty bar."
  • "Wow this is the worst bar expirience I have had that didn't involve a toothless man trying to give me a life lesson. So there is no beer/cocktail list, and the taps aren't labeled. The bartenders are uneducated in beer styles and cocktails."
  • "Filled with cigarette smoke, 30 beers on tap but no tap handles or list. I know they just remodeled so I will forgive them on the beer list, but priority one should have been getting rid of the cigarette smoke inside the bar."

Other News and Links:
  • The Bar Rescue makeover happened in January 2015 around the same time as the other San Francisco episodes that have already aired.
  • Here are 2 preview videos of the episode from the Spike TV website - Video 1, Video 2 
  • The full episode has been available for a few weeks on the Spike TV app and on Amazon Video if you want to watch it before 9pm on Spike before it airs.
  • Here is the old Park 77 website which is still active as they have drink specials for June.  And here is a The Lister website which is just a menu.
  • Here is the Park 77 Facebook page and The Lister Instagram - Both haven't posted anything since the end of January.
  • Here are the most recent Yelp reviews if you want to look at more.  It seems they are offering hookah now.

The Porno - I am sure this is why a lot of people are here, so it gets its own section. 
  • Jon Taffer said he was able to Google it and find it in 30 seconds, but I highly doubt that.  It wasn't quite that easy to find.
  • Yes, there was a porno shot there.  Here is a Facebook Event for the porn shoot, which was December 20, 2012.  A post on the event page had more details such as the site being called Public Disgrace and that everyone there had to sign waiver.  Also, you can see who attended the event.
  • Here is a 42-second preview video of the porno shot in Park 77 with pictures as well from the Public Disgrace website (Obviously NSFW).  Notice at the end of the video it says production date is 12-20-2012, which matches up with the Facebook event.
  • Here is a longer video (NSFW) of the porno, and you will see not only was it filmed on the couch, but also in the bathroom and on the bar.
  • Here is another 4 minute video (NSFW) of the porno.  In this one you can see Angelo behind the bar in a black and white checkered shirt.
  •  Finally another 2 minute video (NSFW) with Angelo reaching out to touch the porn star at about the 1 minute mark (pictured below).


The reviews of The Lister have been overwhelmingly negative since the Bar Rescue makeover with complaints about the service, the new pictures on the wall, and the lack of a beer/drink menu.  They also haven't been active on social media and are failing to promote their bar.  According to some Yelp reviews, it seems the bar will be offering hookah very soon.

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  1. the porn sound effects were hilarious

  2. "The Lister"? This may be Jon's weakest concept since the series began. Even Russell's drink creations looked awful. I hate to say it but even the Triple Butt Funnel won't save this one.

  3. It was clear in the episode, that was some bad Photoshop work.

  4. Angelo constantly has his mouth hanging open. He honestly seems to be mentally retarded.

  5. i agree that the triple butt funnel is a landmark achievement in tavern design; however, is there anything else that he did to change the place? Wait, he added photoshops of the first president of SF State (I'm betting that if he went on campus and asked students or faculty who was the first pres of the school, he would have gotten a lot of blank stares like Angelo's). Looking forward to the quad in an upcoming episode.

  6. I went to San Francisco State and I didn't know Lister. I've been there before it got rescued and it was a strange place. Might go and check it out after they rescue, even with the bad reviews

  7. Taffer didn't seem to stick to his guns on this one.

    I'd love to see an episode where he isn't getting co-operation leaves, and another bar is rescued in the same episode.

    The dummy kid should have been made a janitor if they didn't want him fired and only allowed in the bar after every customer left.

    It was a fairly weak concept and it didn't seem all that interested.

    I'd love to see a saloon concept, with a modern twist as an example. I mean I'm no expert on bars, and I think there are only so many concepts that can work, BUT, I didn't like the concept and I think the whole crew of the bar should have been fired, and the owners should maybe let the GM they choose to run day to day operation and only worry about funding, fixing and supplying the bar.

    They were dysfunctional and having worked with dysfunctional people before, they cannot be fixed. This episode was a rare miss in my view, made so by the lack of realistic leadership that Taffer usually supplies to the bar to be rescued.

  8. I'm starting to wonder how safe a place with those (butt funnels) are.

    If a fire broke out it would impede the escape of people on the dance floor, having to go through that narrow way. surely it must be against some fire codes.

  9. I found the pornos in less than 30 seconds with no problem

  10. Yeah, now that this post exists you can

  11. The filming of this episode must not have generated a lot of material... Did anyone else notice they spent an unusually long time on the exposition piece before the opening credits? Angelo kept reminding me of "All-In" guy with his his cartoonish irresponsibility. I would suspect he was playing stupid hack for the show, but if he was legitimately behind the decision to host a porn shoot at the bar because he thought it would be good for business then maybe what you see is what you get.

  12. With the way Taffer was talking about that patio, it makes sense that this was filmed last January. During the summer, that part of San Francisco is covered in fog and the last place you'd want to be is on that patio unless you had a parka and gloves (only partially kidding). Last January had virtually no rain thanks to our current drought.

  13. If I had designed the Butt Funnel, there wouldn't be any safety issues. I would have installed a big enema tube at the end of each one to clear any...uh...blockages that may occur!

  14. Too much drama for this episode. No wonder there are more negative than positive reviews post rescue.

  15. Is it possible that this show could be going the way of Car Lot Rescue, Tattoo Rescue, Gym Rescue, and Hungry Investors? Well, ok. Bar Rescue lasted a whole lot longer than those shows and yet it looks like the newer episodes are looking worse. Maybe Jon Taffer should run for the Republican nomination for president so he can fix this broken country wrecked by both Dubya and Barry for 16 years.

  16. Angelo is a dumbest, I don't think he could manage whipping his ass...

  17. It's more like 5 mins long bar is full of people and they just let it happen nasty as fuck dawg

  18. Not sure that a place that had a porno shot in it should have something called "butt funnels".

  19. It's funny when they first brought up the fact a porno was shot there my first thought(i bet it's Public Disgrace) Kink(dot)com is the website that makes them and they are in San two and two

  20. he could be inbred.

    One of the most famous examples of a genetic trait aggravated by royal family intermarriage was the House of Habsburg, which inmarried particularly often and is known for the mandibular prognathism of the Habsburger (Unter) Lippe
    (otherwise known as the 'Habsburg jaw', 'Habsburg lip' or 'Austrian

  21. don't leave out the damage caused by the Supreme Legislators

  22. I find it ironic how Jon Taffer was so critical of porn in general(I guess I shouldn't be surprised since he comes off a a White Knight) but the porno business is a multi-billion dollar industry and considering Taffer promotes a drug that had directly/indirectly killed more people than porn could ever imagine he's not in a place to judge the porno industry.

  23. The point was, no one wants to sit on a couch that was used in a fisting scene. I don't want to sit in the aftermath of binge drinking or porn. Generally when someone drinks, their bodily fluids stay inside them. When you film a gangbang, bodily fluids tend to be more free-flowing.

  24. Have you seen the video? This isn't your every day, ordinary, porno. It was a bondage cluster f*ck with barebacks and all kinds of nasty stuff. The girl had to be seriously high or she is seriously messed up in her head. Just pitiful.

  25. Did they allow strangers to get their junk seems they were able to do just about everything else to her....minus the actual "deed," but you can get STDs from oral stuff as well, so that seems really horrendous. The idea itself is a bad one, but to than allow strangers to actually participate seems dangerous. I was getting scared by that one guy in the background who was shouting all the nasty stuff. He was the only one doing it. Just kept thinking, "he's gonna rape someone tonight when he leave." Dint get me wrong dirty talk is great and l don't Ming getting called a few names here and there in the throes of passion, but this just seemed so dangerous to me for so many different reasons.

  26. What's up with the comments about cigarette smoke? Isn't the smoking ban still in place in the whole state?

  27. Smoking ban doesn't apply to casinos; stand alone bars; strip clubs and some meeting spaces (conventions). Might be more places that smokers can smoke, but those are the basics.

  28. Wow, stretch like Stretch Armstrong to make that point!