Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dimples From 'Bar Rescue' To Close

Photo - Spike
Dimples karaoke bar in Burbank, CA, which was featured on the third season of Bar Rescue will be closing some time in mid-January 2015.  Dimples is one of the few bars on Bar Rescue that Jon Taffer chose to keep their original name.  The bar is closing due to the Talaria Project, which will tear down the bar to help make room for a Whole Foods grocery store as well as residential development.

The bar has posted on their Facebook page:
"We're CLOSING sooner than we thought. Come make a few last memories at Dimples!
It looks like our last day open will be some time in MID JANUARY. We will be getting rid of all of the alcohol so DRINK SPECIALS will be going on. Plus, we will be throwing our LAST NEW YEARS EVE PARTY. More details to come. Please spread the word and share our info so everyone can say goodbye to AMERICA'S FIRST KARAOKE BAR DIMPLES"
A post on laist said the bar would like to find a new location, but as of now they haven't had any luck.

Also, Dimples' Facebook page said that Bar Rescue was filming at their bar on December 2nd to do an update segment.  It should be interesting to see if Bar Rescue reveals that they are closed when that update episode airs.

The Dimples Bar Rescue episode aired in 2013, and this will be the 5th bar to close from season 3 of Bar Rescue (1st set of 20 bars).  The Bar Rescue Update Page will be updated when they close for good in January.

UPDATE - The bar actually closed in April 2015.


  1. Is this closing due to a enement domain take over? Sounds like it is not due to lack of buseness.

  2. They're selling their property to the city. Good, get John back and have him rebuild your bar so you don't end up on "Bar Rescue-Redo"

  3. Instead of asking for a new location, that hoarder of an owner could have simply followed up on Taffer's overhaul and kept it more spacious. See what happens when the owner goes back to his old ways of crowding out the space?

  4. This was a depressing episode. Getting old sucks.

  5. They received an extension until March. As of today they are still open.

  6. Eminent Domain is a legal mechanism whereby private property is taken over for a public purpose (and its owner is, at least in theory, properly compensated). That's not necessarily exactly what's going on here; this is basically reengineering that portion of the city, and the mayor was not too happy about how it went down (http://www.burbankleader.com/news/tn-blr-burbank-city-council-approves-talaria-project-20141015,0,7951388.story). Regardless, yes, this isn't a Bar Rescue failure...not that this rescue might now have failed, anyway.....

  7. Looks like April 4th is their last day.

  8. Between the clutter and the owner's creepy behaviour toward female customers, I wouldn't want to go in there - nevermind that the owner reversed Jon's changes when he left.

  9. Wow. Dissapointed. The so called karaoke mega business owner started his with a hard drive full of pirated music! His expertise is a joke. As is his shows in SA TX.