Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bar Rescue - Tres Cuartos (Laguna Lounge) Update

On tonight's episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Jersey City, New Jersey to try to rescue the Laguna Lounge.  The owner Ivan is more worried about DJing than running a successful bar.  He also berates his staff and his sons, which is causing issues at the bar.  The only food menu items at the bar are empanadas, which are made by Ivan's mother at a location other than the bar, which is not up to code.

During the Bar Rescue makeover, Laguna Lounge was renamed to Tres Cuartos, which translates into three rooms.  Three rooms make up the bar, and it seems that the bar has stuck with the name.  Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Tres Cuartos since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar:

There have been no reviews of Tres Cuartos since Bar Rescue came and did the makeover.

Other News and Links:
  • Here are two preview videos of the episode from the Spike TV website.
  • Here is the Tres Cuartos Facebook page, and website which is just a menu.
  • I got an email saying that Tres Cuartos charges $6.95 for tostones, while there are a lot of Latin places around there that charge around $2 for them.
  • Here is the Facebook pages of Ivan (owner) and Aida (mother/empanada maker) and Twitter page of Jeremiah (bartender/Ivan's son).
  • Ivan is selling two pool tables on his Facebook page, so it appears he is keeping the Bar Rescue changes and not putting the pool tables back into the bar.
  • Jeremiah credits Bar Rescue for "fixing things" between himself, his father, and brother. (Link)
  • Ivan is known as DJ El Comandante (The commander) and Jon Taffer referred to him as "El Moron-te."  A few weeks after the makeover, Ivan said business was up 30 percent. (Link)
    • Comments on that article refer to the bar's bad reputation and refer to things such as bullet holes, fights and switchblades at the bar.
  • Here is a local message board talking about the makeover, which talks about the noise, fights, and unruly crowds in the past. (Link)
  • In 2011, there was an arrest at the bar after an unruly crowd had some disagreements with police officers (Link).  A comment on that article said there are fights at the bar every week, but this one made the papers.
  • In May of 2014 (3 months before the filming), Ivan's son Joshua was arrested and accused of being in possession of four pounds of marijuana and a handgun in Jersey City. (Link)
    • Someone in the comments of the above article accuses the owner of Laguna Lounge of being a dealer and selling from his business.


There have been no reviews of Tres Cuartos since Bar Rescue came and did the makeover, but it seems that they have kept the name.  The bar has quite the bad reputation from situations that have happened in the past at the bar and for the clientele that attends the bar.  For the bar to succeed, they will need to clean up their image and try to avoid any more negative press.  With Josh's arrest before the show, they may be hiring another bartender soon.

UPDATE - The bar changed their name back and they now go by Laguna Shots Bar (Facebook Page).

UPDATE - Tres Cuartos closed in August 2017 - More info on the closure.

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  1. This place sucks there is nothing about the place that even remotely says you are in a Puerto Rican bar

  2. How do we find out where Bar Rescue is filming? Like how do you find out about the stress tests?

  3. Did this episode get edited? The phrase "Give me something to hold in my had to show me you are a man" disappeared.

  4. "Someone in the comments of the above article accuses the owner of Laguna Lounge of being a dealer and selling from his business." I BELIEVE THAT! .... AND IM PUERTO RICAN.

  5. No question in my mind he's dealing. None. Trashy neighborhood. Trashy clientele. Dealing is how he keeps himself afloat.

  6. No it didnt. Its was still there im watching the episode at this moment and the line just past. It was said After Tafer found out that "El Comemeirda" was refilling Grey Goose bottles with tap water. So Ivan went and emptied out a few bottles that he rigged. But im sure not all.

  7. The one I watched 13 days ago didn't say it. I watched a few times and that's why I was shocked. A co worker and I was like "OMG" when it originally aired!

  8. the bar violates ADA , inaccessible entrance, i will file w Dept of Justice

  9. Why not just go to another bar