Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Judge Says O'Face From Bar Rescue Should Be Allowed To Renew Liquor License

You may recall back in May, the Council Bluffs City Council voted against renewing O'Face's liquor license due to their appearance on Bar Rescue and the negative publicity surrounding the bar.  O'Face appealed this decision to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division on July 28th, and on August 11th an Iowa judge ruled that O'Face should be allowed to renew their license.  The judge ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to support the denial of the liquor license, and that Council Bluffs didn't provide the episode of Bar Rescue on which it relied on to deny the license.  The only evidence was owner Matthew Overmyer's testimony, and based on the limited evidence, the judge ruled to reverse the decision of rejecting O'Face's liquor license renewal.

This decision is still not final, as it can be appealed by either party within 30 days.  Also, the Iowa Beverages Division does not have to agree with the judges decision.  If they do not agree with the judges decision, Matthew Overmyer can then appeal to the district court.

Another thing that is interesting is the testimony of Matthew Overmyer at the hearing. The full document is here, but the highlights include:
  • He was told during their audition video, which had a staged fight, that the footage would only be shown to Jon Taffer and Spike TV executives.
  • When the film crew arrived, they "wanted to show chaos at the bar, including fighting, disorderly conduct, and an empty bar without customers."
  • The bar was not open to the public or regular customers during the filming, and Bar Rescue provided the customers for the stress test to complain about the food, drinks, and service.
  • Both fights on the episode were done after the Bar Rescue crew suggested they needed more drama.
  • He said he told the film crew that he was done with the "shenanigans" and would not cooperate with filming any more staged scenarios.  The crew left saying they would use the footage they had.  
  • Matthew was surprised and embarrassed to see the casting video as part of the footage of the actual show.
  • O'Face has seen a decline in business since their Bar Rescue episode aired.

It is pretty much things we assume and have heard with other Bar Rescue episodes, however it is interesting that he says they told the crew they were done staging scenes which caused them to leave. 

Would Jon Taffer have walked out on this Bar Rescue if O'Face continued giving the film crew what they wanted?  Or are we to even believe what Matt claimed?  I guess the only people that know for sure were the people involved in the taping of the show.


  1. Interesting how the people who claim the things they saw were staged are the ones who come off looking really bad. They also tend to be the ones who apparently have the most motivation for lying....

    This is something that has been bandied about for ages, whether what we see on BR is "real" or not. Aside from the OFace gang, I see Mr. Hughes is still active on his page, defending his honor, as it were. But we also have Bill from Thirsty's pretty much owning up to his lecherous ways, and the office scene was done with no prompting whatsoever from the production company.

    I believe Taffer when he says they "work with what they've got". "Work" would be the key word here. I believe they take whatever elements are extant in the environment, and fluff, massage, sprinkle with alcohol, and otherwise "work" to make the rescue a compelling episode.

  2. Fully agree David Heagney Jr, those people werr the nastiest, foul mouthed people. They were all a big cluster *!#*!!!! Even if some was made up the owners just wanted a place to drink hard and talk nesty to EVERYONE but that nasty manager, whom should have been arrested for the beat down of that young girl in the parking lot.
    The owners can defend all they want but they are some of the most arrogant, nasty ass people I have seen on a reality show in a while. She is not a queen but is a nasty pig and he is just a dumb ass. NO ONE OWES THEM ANYTHING BUT THEY SURE THINK SO! ! ! ! OWNERS OF "O'FACE GROW UP AND GET A CLUE! ! ! ! ! YOU ARE NOT KING AND QUEEN LIKE YOU THINK, BUT YOU ARE NASTY, NASTY DUMB ASS PEOPLE! ! ! !

  3. I'm a Veteran as well and any self-respecting NCO knows the first rule of being an NCO is...you lead by example. You never put your hands on an employee and any violence in the workplace, you terminate that employee. Period.
    This is one of the most poorly run bars I've ever seen in my life and the way this place is, they'll be out of business soon.

  4. there's no defending "honor".
    you asked the questions; i gave you the answers.

    fans of the show just won't let good sense come between them and their faith in taffer.
    I can assure you that each one of these things also happened with us and I'm sure with every episode. My only issue with the show is the manufactured scenarios (through editing of various days' shots) to make scenarios that just didn't happen.
    If you don't see something wrong with using the submission fight video in the show, you're beyond the point of reason and logic. If that is true, every fan should be questioning the show. This show is designed to make the viewer, middle joe america, feel like if only given the opportunity, they'd do a better job. You all are the ultimate rubes of success for this show. You've turned off your logic and they've hooked your emotions and your disdain for those you perceive to have an opportunity that you missed. And they just keep funneling you in, week after week, with "look at this asshole doing something you should be doing; look at these people squandering the opportunity that if only you new the right people to invest, you'd be amazing". its a pipe dream and that's some dank weed.

  5. According to a buddy of mine that worked on the show, the fight was not staged. And obviously that's just one persons word, but I trust him.

    Another thing is Yelp and Google reviews. Those comments that took place before the episode aired don't lie. That's why I wouldn't trust O'Face owners at all.

  6. Clearly, the person(s) who testified have had time to spin a tale of ridiculousness! Staging? Please, one cannot infer or stage such behavior, and frankly even if they were asked by the film crew (which reasonably logical thinker would believe they were asked what was alleged) why didn't the owner take the high road and not participate then? as opposed to this ridiculous story presently being proposed. Did a trier of fact actually believe his nonsense? If so, it's a sad day in that city.

  7. I've never seen such a bunch irresponsible good for nothing's and they are the last bunch of people I would trust to serve liquor and be responsible while serving it. That city must have a high rate of impaired drivers and drunk related crimes coming from that bar.

  8. Relax, Howard. I wasn't using the phrase literally (as "as it were" indicates). You have your point of view on the subject, and I have mine. I have done what I consider my due diligence before expressing my views, and I believe I am as well educated as anyone who has never been on the show, and never met any of the participants (beyond their interactions on this site) can be.

  9. I would guess the truth is somewhere in the middle, the owners seem like real pieces of work, but it seems entirely likely that some producers decided they needed a "for the first time ever Taffer meets a bar unrescuable and walks out" episode and this was an easy target based on their application footage and what they were willing to do for the cameras the first day or two.

    Also, I don't know exactly when this was filmed, but if I remember right, this was not long after the banned episode with the owner that shot a guy. They could have used O-face as a way to say "Hey look, Jon Taffer, Bar Rescue, and it's production staff absolutely do not tolerate violence, we just proved it by walking out, see?!"

  10. I do too.
    I caught that string on a day when i was fired up with this site...jaja
    You've been fair; hope you get in some time.
    And hope things are good for you.

  11. I can't believe that they're still open but then again I can't believe that "Amy's Baking Company" is still open even after all that negative publicity.

  12. David, as you and many others know by now, Howard is a paranoid little micro-manager, who quite frankly, doesn't know when to speak and when to shut-up. He has stated on his club's FB page, that the reason he applied to Bar Rescue for a makeover, was just to see if he could get them to pay for a remodel. If you watched the show featuring his club, it portrayed it very accurately, the place was a dump, as are most of the clubs and bars featured on the show. Let's face it, Bar Rescue isn't going to spend money on makeovers for successful clubs. Howard won't admit that the club was in trouble in more ways than one. Howard also won't admit that Bar Rescue put Stand Up Scottsdale on the map, both locally and nationally. People who had gone there before the makeover and never came back, now have a reason to go and check the place out. Scottsdale is also a huge tourist destination city, so people who watched the show now know about the club and have or will visit the club during their vacation, winter stay or even while doing business in the Phoenix metro area. That's one of the positive aspects of the show. While it highlights the problems with the business, it also places a great deal of emphasis on fixing the problems within the business, whether with a makeover, training staff or recommending replacement of inadequate employees. So, with that being said, one would think that any person who has a vested interest with a business establishment lucky enough to get a makeover, as well as the HUGE BENEFIT of having their club NATIONALLY ADVERTISED ON BAR RESCUE through the premiere of the show they were featured on, or through various re-runs of that show, would be grateful. Not Howard. Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Know It All, Mr. Wise Ass, Mr. I Talk Too Much & I Never Shut Up, isn't man enough to admit that his club had problems and that Bar Rescue was a huge benefit in making Stand Up Scottsdale a respectable place to patronize, it was also instrumental in getting people in the doors of Stand Up Scottsdale. Sometimes you just can't fix stupid.

  13. Howard, I know that you were humiliated so see yourself on the show, because, well, it was a pretty accurate depiction of the person you are. Why else would you be here all of the time, trying to do damage control and give people the impression that you're really not that big of a jerk. Go with it, Howard. Use the gift you were given by way of the makeover and huge advertising benefit you received because of the show, and instead of posting here like a madman, spend your time making Stand Up Scottsdale a 5 Star Destination in Scottsdale. You're on your way and it's up to YOU as to whether or not you'll succeed, but you're certainly not going to do that by continuing to attack people who give honest opinions. LISTEN to what they have to say instead of trying to shout them down. Although you'll never please every single patron of your club all of the time, there's certainly no reason I can think of as to why you can't strive for the club to be the best in the business.

  14. Joseph, i'm not certain what your fascination is with me, but strong use of CAPS, and i can assure you, there's no humiliation associated by me.
    There's no defending going on. The reality of the experience here and the success we've had, as well as, the growth since I started this 5 years ago, is well established. I wrote the show because, like you, I was a fan...however, i was fan with a bar. They came, they were fraudulent, now I get the pleasure of meeting people like you. You're choosing to believe something you saw on tv despite clear evidence. I can't do anything about that. I've invited you in; you still haven't come. Come in. Let's sit down; have a beer and talk about any specific instances you'd like form the show. We can even make a video that we can share with the rest of the folks, regardless of what side of the fence they are on.
    If you have any feedback on things you've seen that show that I haven't been making moves to earn our place as the highest rated comedy club in Az, let me know. I"m down to learn new stuff, but, again, all indicators would seem to support that we offer an incredible customer/comedy experience. Let me know what you've seen....if all it is is that I take fun from responding on here, I'm dissappointed...dig deep and let's solve some things.

  15. Howard, I wish you nothing but the best and continued success. However, you do have to admit that the place was a real dump before the makeover, and the second makeover to fix the problems caused by the huge green room during the first makeover. I've actually had some family members go there recently and they had a pleasant experience.
    One thing that has been bothering me greatly about you is this, you're a bully, or worse, a thug. For you to attack one of your club's patrons on your club's FB page, inciting a nasty and vicious mob mentality reaction against that women, was totally uncalled for and totally unprofessional. She was harassed so much, that she deleted any trace of her comments on Yelp. So rather than get honest input from a patron, input that might help you to run your club better, you attack anyone who says unfavorable things about SUS? That's not the first time you've done that, either. As I said before, you can't please everyone all of the time, but would you agree that a better way to handle situations like that, would be to reach out to dissatisfied patrons, have them come see you at the club, offer them say, a complimentary drink and ask them to give you a chance to earn their business back? Damn, Howard, you continue to treat people like that, and slowly over time people will stop coming, maybe not enough to empty the place, but just enough to put a damper on the club's earnings potential. A satisfied customer is your best source for advertising.

  16. Joseph, you and i are getting to a place of mutal appreciation; i like it.
    This is how I talk with reasonable people.
    People that show they are interested in the truth of the show, the club, me, whatever.

    I appreciate what you're doing here, taking traditional customer service dogma and want me to do that. Trust me, reasonable people get treated great here! We're a club, not a theater. I don't need everyone here; i need people that want something different in their entertainment. There are plenty (3) of big box comedy clubs here where they have to herd folks in to stay open; i don't have to do that. Yes, we weed out people that shouldn't be here. this is a comedy club that requires some responsibility on the part of the guest. We're not the biggest, the fanciest, the safest ;-). We are however, the best for a solid, original comedy experience week after week. I'm the that last club trying to be all to everyone; i'm the opposite. I want to be all to many...180 per show to be exact. those 180 feel special here; they get it.
    When there is a guest who leaves a bad review with the intention of helping, i'm thankful to those people and let them know. That is not most of the bad reviews though. Those are people who come here and get mad at a joke (usually one i tell about having to put my dog down, having a stroke, nerds iwth guns, etc)...they're people that don't belong in a comedy club like this because they can't get themselves out the way to let their brain have a good time...they make these jokes personal, then get mad...no body wants to be around a person like that, so we let them know they're not welcomed here. whats wrong with that?
    Specifically on yelp, if someone writes something and then i respond showing them and any casual readers how ridiculous they are, whats wrong with that?
    Any potential customer who would read that and think (as well as viewers of BR), "I won't go there; this guy seems like he doesn't like his guests", are, as well, not the type of people who should come here-they won't have a good time.
    Anyone with a bit of sense, can see the humor in most nearly all of my yelp replies. Reasonable people have a great time; the others probably don't have a great time in a lot of areas of their life...we don't need them here...i dont need them, nor do my guests.
    The success of this club is in its history; a history me and few friends began some 5 years ago. you all got snippets to make a semi-convincing story; none of it changes the reality of this club.

    Regarding the woman you're talking about, why would you say it is ok for her to attempt the same with her review?
    she didn't write a helpful, courteaous review; she wrote a very personal, scathing, incorrect review with the intention of doing damage to the biz; not to help at all. Why is that ok?
    My intent wasn't to build a mob; my intent was to say "look how ridiculous this person is just because she came to a place to hear strangers say things and then got upset". thats funny to me; it should be funny to you.
    I hope you come in with your family next time; hell, i've offered to you how many times now exactly what you say i should offer people: a beer, some tix and conversation.
    I offer that to nearly everyone who has something negative to say. The thing you need to realize, and its right there in the reviews, most negative reviews have an issue with me--not the club. Well, I am the club; this is just not the place for them and i'm ok with that.
    Thanks fr the good messages; this is how common ground gets found.

  17. It is hard to believe them when they blamed everyone else, made nonstop excuses and never took responsibility ever. At one point they were like its Sic the bouncers fault. They are saying Taffer is a liar since they say he had the video before the show and Taffer said would never help an owner who assaults his employees.

  18. I like the show because it teaches you what you should not do as well as what you should do. As for disdain I root for the success of all those I see. I'm not a hater who takes time to posts their disdain for shows they apparently do not even like so much so they hate on those who like it while making assumed excuses for them based on the haters own perceived opportunity he missed.

  19. If they post negative reviews about you, you should consider what they are saying stop making excuses and shape up or ship out.
    You can change just be positive and not negative.

  20. All I have to say to that is yeah right! Like i'm really going to believe these lowlifes over Taffer.

  21. Sorry Howard, but you came off as a total ass(whining about how people should "cry" at performances, 99% of patrons for a comedy club aren't looking to be depressed) in the episode, so if you're looking for sympathy, you will get none from me whatsoever, you can't blame "editing" for everything. You sound like a very unpleasant individual to be around and I would hardly blame people for avoiding your establishment because of that.

    You have no proof that the fight video was a "submission", you weren't there so you don't know.

    The show is not some "pipe dream" and no one is being "fooled", it is you who is the fool, it doesn't take a PhD to figure out that you shouldn't have a kitchen that feels like a heat sauna(especially in a state as blazing hot as Arizona).

  22. Sorry, but i'm not buying the whole "fraudulent" spiel, you came off as very incompetent.

  23. Sounds like you're just making excuses and not willing to accept any form of criticism whatsoever.

  24. Actually this episode was filmed in early November before that whole incident with the Pit and Barrel occurred.

    Speaking of which, i'm hoping Channel 5 in the UK eventually airs that one episode.

  25. The folks from O Face scared me. I'd rather go to a Gathering of the Juggalos than spend a minute in that place.