Friday, May 30, 2014

The Never Before Seen 'Bar Rescue' Pilot Airs Sunday

This Sunday on Spike TV, the first ever episode of Bar Rescue that was filmed will be airing for the first time on TV.  Jon Taffer is at a New Jersey bar, where the owner has a habit of kicking out both customers and employees.

Spike TV has been airing this 15 second ad for the show, and there has also been a lot of chatter on social media about it.  Many people thought that when they saw a "lost" Bar Rescue episode would be airing that it would be the Music City Mess episode.  That was the Bar Rescue episode that was pulled after the bar owner killed someone at the bar just days before it was scheduled to air.  That episode accidentally aired once on Spike TV, but has not aired since. 

So if you are interested in seeing the first ever Bar Rescue filmed and seeing how much has changed since, be sure to tune in to Spike TV this Sunday at 8pm ET.  As a bonus, you get to see Jon Taffer rocking bowling shirts (pictured) and with a little more hair on his head.  Look for the update for the bar appearing in the episode to be posted here on Sunday.

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  1. I saw the lost episode and man that owner you can tell he didn't care anymore. Could have sold the damn place and move on.