Saturday, November 23, 2013

Man Fatally Shot Behind Second Base Bar From 'Bar Rescue'

Photo - Spike TV
NBC Los Angeles is reporting that last night, a man in his 30's was fatally shot behind Second Base Bar and Grill in Orange, California.  There was apparently a fight in the parking lot behind the bar and a Hispanic male was fatally shot.  The suspect fled in a white car or SUV before police arrived.

The Second Base Bar and Grill (originally named Extremes) was on season 2 of Bar Rescue and the reviews of the bar haven't been too great lately.  This incident probably will not help things too much.


  1. Despite this, they're still around. It's not a bad looking bar. The best part: the girls are back to slutty clothing. Daddy like!!!

  2. Yes the sluttier the better

  3. I don't think the girls dressing the way they do will help this b
    ar or any other bar. If they have to dress like that to bring in customers, then this bar (or any other bar for that matter) is doomed. I like to see good looking women just as much as any other man, but running around with your ass hanging out just isn't the way to bring in the kind of customers that will keep a business afloat. And if the owner continues to be a prick, then he deserves to continue being a failure.

  4. UPDATE! Check out the new Bar Rescue episode, "Second Base - Third Strike." They go back to "re-rescue" the joint and (Spoiler Alert):
    The owner comes off like a first-class, Grade A, card-carrying asshole of the highest order. He does, indeed, deserve to fail.

  5. this is what makes bars fail now the name will stained with a death "you hear about second base? yeah the one where the guy got killed at? Yeah lets go to a different bar that one sounds unsafe" they need to change or they will be doomed to fail as all the others